Things to do when your Boss quits.

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Planning for when your boss quits might seem like a pretty strange idea but I promise you it is not. If your boss sells his business it automatically means you have a new boss.

Your supervisor or boss who you report to at the office might decide to resign or be fired by top management. When your boss or manager quits it can either provide a new opportunity for your career progression or on the flip side a manager resigning might mean that you need to seek your career growth elsewhere.

Whether it comes as a shock or not, you need to have a backup plan for when the unthinkable happens. This article will carefully reveal some things you need to do immediately after your boss quits or resigns.

 Having and following this plan will place you in a better position to make informed decisions as well as safeguard your career growth by knowing your next move ahead of time.

  1. Investigate why your Boss quit

Investigate and discreetly seek to understand the facts behind why your boss quit his/her position at the organisation. Was his/her decision as a result of the organisation’s declining performance or did he/she leave merely to seek better opportunities and adventures elsewhere? Asking the right question would help you decide what your next course of action should be.


  1. Time to Do More

If you ever find yourself in a situation where your boss quits, it is a great time to increase your productivity. In most cases, when a boss resigns, it presents an opportunity for you to ensure that the organisation does not suffer from his/her exit. Showing more value and productivity at work after your boss quits might even lead to you been is replacement and being promoted.


  1. Be Professional

Even if you disliked your boss or had a troublesome relationship with him/her when such a boss resigns you need to be professional and maintain a cordial relationship with him/her.

Leaving your former boss and colleagues on good terms can help your career grow immensely in the future.  They can recommend you for bigger jobs in future, so do not involve in office gossip about why they quit or appear to be excited by his/her exit.


  1. Get to Know Your New Boss

Having your boss resign means you have to prove yourself all over again to a new manager. Demonstrate to the new boss why you deserve a place on the team. You should also strive to understand him/her their goals, style of leadership and the future they have planned for the team and organisation at large.

Show your strengths and successes to the new manager and align it to their style and plan. This will help you be more productive and relevant to the new boss.


  1. Plan your resignation.

If it becomes clear that your boss resigned as a result of the organisation not having any solid plan for growth you might need to start considering a plan for your exit. This does not have to happen immediately but it is important you should plan for it. For the sake of your career you don’t want to remain with a company that will clearly not grow.


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