How to write the Perfect cover letter that gets you the Job

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Putting together a professional resume is without argument a critical aspect for a successful job search, but a captivating cover letter is arguably just as important. The cover letter gives you the opportunity to flex your skill set, achievements and quality while also showing off why you are a perfect fit for the position and demonstrating your writing skills.

So if you really want that job, you’ll need to learn how to write a cover letter that convinces hiring managers to really consider your application.

Writing the perfect cover letter doesn’t have to be tedious. you only need to make sure it’s well written to perfection,  shows the hiring manager why you’re qualified, and doesn’t have any glaring errors that could cost you the interview. 

On the whole the benefits of an excellent and professionally formatted cover letter is definitely worth spending the time and effort it takes to make it shine.

The focus of this article is to help you write an outstanding cover letter that will get you hired. In a minute we are gonna get to that but first let’s refresh our memories with what exactly a cover letter is.


what is a cover letter?

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What is a Cover letter and why is it important?

A cover letter is a document sent alongside your CV when applying for jobs that serves as a personal and professional introduction and helps to convince employers of your skills and employability. Cover letters are also called application letters and are necessary as it gives you the chance to explain the success you’ve had in previous positions and how it can be replicated.

You do this by highlighting your most relevant experience and skills.

A cover letter is the first aspect of your job application and serves the all-important function of indicating your interest in the job and can most times mean the difference between you been hired or passed over.

A CareerBuilder survey notes that 10% of hiring managers wouldn’t hire a candidate who didn’t include a cover letter while a whopping 83% of recruiters, hiring managers, and HR staff call cover letters important parts of their hiring decisions, according to a Resume Lab survey of 200 “HR Pros.” 

With this in mind we will be giving out tips that will make your cover letter stand out and perfect.


How to write a compelling Cover letter.

To write a perfect cover letter that compels the HR to employ you, firstly you have to make sure you address your cover letter directly to the hiring manager named on the job ad.

If there’s no name listed use LinkedIn, and search engines to research and find the name of the HR or a relevant person within the organisation you’re applying to.

Gone are the days when you address your cover letter to a nameless “Dear Sir/Madame”. An outstanding cover letter has a personal touch to it and there’s no better way to do that than by addressing the hiring manager by name.

Secondly don’t repeat information you’ve already put in your CV.

Cover letters are not meant to be summarizations of your CV,   that’s a waste of the opportunity cover letters afford.

The perfect cover letter  amplifies your skills and shows a connection between the job requirements and your expertise. Focus your cover letter on specific experience and attributes you have that will benefit the employer.

Highlight the top skills that best qualify you for the job.

Thirdly and a very important aspect of writing  cover letter that catches the attention of the hiring manager is using keywords from the job description.

That means your cover letter should include key phrases in the job description that matches their preferred skills and experience.

The job description might refer to a particular background and strengths which includes certain abilities and skills. You should be able to show how you possess this qualities in your cover letter by making reference to them in relation to your skills.

Your cover letter should also be tailored to a specific job. Having a generic cover letter you use in applying for all jobs is definitely not going to get you that job. Only a customized cover letter, targeted at the job at hand is guaranteed to make your application outstanding and capable of getting you into the interview room.

Make sure you also edit and re-edit your cover letter for grammatical errors any other error for that matter, this will greatly boost your chances of getting called up for an interview.

Lastly but definitely not the least, regardless of all the amazing tips for writing an amazing cover letter don’t forget to keep your cover letter direct, straight to the point and short.

No hiring manager likes to read a very lengthy cover letter that keeps beating around the bush with loads of stories. Keep your cover letter direct, expanding on your key skills and its profitability to the employer.

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