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The Young Associates Programme (YAP) is a two-year programme targeted at recent undergraduates who do not hold a Master’s degree. The programme is a unique immersion in the world of multilateral policymaking, research and analysis. It is designed to act as a springboard to future postgraduate study at top international universities.

Applications for the YAP 2019-2021 Round closed on December 9th.

Applications for the YAP 2020-2022 Round will open in autumn 2019.


For information on other career opportunities at the OECD, please check out our career website.

Read through the sections below to find out more about the Programme. If you don’t see the answer to your question in the FAQs, please get in touch at [email protected]

The OECD is a global economic forum working with 36 member countries and more than 100 emerging and developing economies to make better policies for better lives. Our mission is to promote policies that will improve the economic and social well-being of people around the world. We provide a unique forum in which governments work together to share experiences on what drives economic, social and environmental change, seeking solutions to common problems. We aim to improve our efficiency and effectiveness; staff members are encouraged to actively contribute to this goal.


Are you an ideal candidate for this Programme?

To be eligible, you must:

  • hold an undergraduate degree but not a Master’s degree or PhD by the time you join the OECD

  • hold an OECD Member country nationality

  • have a strong academic background and the ability to work constructively in a team

  • be fluent in English or French

  • have motivation to pursue a graduate degree after completing the Programme


In addition, it would be an asset if you also have prior:

  • course work in OECD-related subjects(e.g. economics, statistics, public policy, etc.)

  • and/or work experience in an OECD-related field(e.g. research projects)


See what topics the OECD works on


What happens after I am selected?

  • As a Young Associate your duty station will be Paris, France. YAs selected for the 2019-2021 round will take up duty by the end of September 2019. 

  • You will work closely with a senior manager in tackling some of the most challenging social and economic issues of today. You can expect your day-to-day work to involve background research, drafting, liaising with partners internally and externally and helping organise events ranging from policy forums to Ministerial conferences. Above all, the focus of your work Programme will be on developing the professional competences and research expertise to be able to succeed in highly-competitive applications for graduate school.  


What are the salary and benefits?

We offer:

  • a monthly salary of approximately 3,300 EUR, exempt from French income tax

  • an installation allowance (equivalent to one month’s salary for single candidates)

  • the reimbursement of removal expenses and airline tickets to Paris

  • a leaving allowance of approximately 16,000 EUR based on 24-month assignment


Browse the summary of conditions for more information


What are the steps in the selection process?

Applications for the YAP close in December 2018.

Applications will be screened in December and shortlisted candidates will be contacted about the next steps by early January.

Candidates successful at the written test stage in January will be invited for interviews in January and February, with the final selection made by the end of February.

Candidates will take up duty in September 2019. 




Which departments will host Young Associates?

The following Departments host a Young Associate for the 2019-2021 round. Candidates can apply for more than one position, however each position requires a distinctive profile so we advise interested candidates to apply to a maximum of two or three positions.

Young Associate positions 2019-2021:

  • Centre for Tax Policy and Administration – Country Tax Policy Team

  • Directorate for Employment, Labour and Social Affairs – Director’s Office

  • Directorate for Science, Technology and Innovation – Digital security (cybersecurity) policy analysis

  • Environment Directorate – The Environment and the Economy Integration Division

  • International Energy Agency – The Energy Modelling Office

  • Economics Department – Office of the Chief Economist


To apply, visit our careers website.

 Browse the list of departments and special bodies



Frequently asked questions

I am currently enrolled in a Master’s degree. Is the YAP the right programme for me?


No. The target audience for the YAP is final-year undergraduate students. 


The country in which I am studying does not have a clear distinction between Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Can I still apply?


Yes. However, you must be able to demonstrate clear motivation to pursue postgraduate studies.


I have been working or interning since obtaining my undergraduate degree. Can I still apply?


Yes, as long as you obtained your Bachelor’s degree no more than 18 months prior to the date you would take up duty. 


What is the difference between the Young Associates Programme (YAP) and the Young Professionals Programme (YPP)?


The YAP is targeted at undergraduates and aims to prepare candidates for future postgraduate studies. The YPP is aimed at a different demographic as it normally requires a Master’s degree plus two years of experience, or a PhD.


Can I apply for the YPP while I am a YAP?


No. If you are eligible for selection as a Young Associate you will not meet the education and professional experience criteria to be a Young Professional. But you can certainly apply in a few years once you have met those criteria. 


How many applications do you receive for the YAP?


In 2017 six candidates were selected from over 1,000 applicants. 


My university does not use the Grade Point Average (GPA) system. How should I calculate my GPA?


Please browse the equivalency table which will allow you to align your result with the GPA system.

Do not worry if you feel that the result is not an accurate comparison: you can upload your transcript of records for the last available year at the final stage of the online application process. We will take this into account. 


Do I need to have the physical copy of my Bachelor’s degree before applying?


No. As long as you are able to take up duty at the OECD in Paris in September 2019, with reasonable expectation of meeting the target GPA in your final exams, you may still apply.


Are some undergraduate degrees preferred more than others?


No. However, we expect that the majority of applicants to the YAP will have studied or majored in economics, public policy, international relations, political science, development studies, law, environment studies, business and engineering.


Do I need to provide language certificates or test scores to prove my level of English or French?




Can I apply for more than one Young Associate position?


Yes. However, please take care to read the requirements for each position carefully to make sure that you are a suitable candidate. 


I do not hold an OECD Member country citizenship. Can I still apply for the YAP?


We only recruit nationals of OECD member countries for the YAP.


I have a Colombian nationality, can I apply for the YAP?


Nationals of Colombia are welcome to apply for the YAP, but could only be appointed in case Colombia finalises its accession to the Organisation by September 2019. 


I obtained my undergraduate degree before March 2018. Am I still eligible for the YAP 2019-21 round?


No. To be eligible, you need to have graduated in or after March 2018; or be enrolled in an undergraduate programme and graduating by September 2019.

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