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It is no secret that the pandemic has changed so many things including in demand skills and careers. Entry level jobs are jobs that require little or experience as a matter of requirement. Most entry level jobs require 0 to 1 year experience, this is why landing one of these in demand jobs depends on the can help you develop relevant work experience and launch your career into a long-lasting professional journey.

This article is going to show you how to identify these jobs and give you valuable insights into their requirements.


Data analyst/report writer

Data analysts and report writers  are responsible for extracting and reporting on an organization’s technical information thereby making it easier for the business to use its data for decision making. This role include analyzing complex data systems and documenting data elements, data flow and relationships. Data analysts/report writers, business analysts, data architects, data scientists and database developers are required to have quantitative skills and problem-solving abilities.

Help desk support

This role involves assisting customers with technical issues as such, working as a help desk support professional requires excellent communication skills,  problem-solving abilities, patience, a friendly attitude and the ability to work as part of a team. In addition a standard understanding of relevant hardware, software and network programs is also a requirement.

Web developer

Web developers create websites and applications using a range of programming languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript WordPress etc. because both individuals and corporate organisation need online presence including small business web development and web designing has become a highly lucrative and in demand skill.

Employers typically look for candidates with in-depth knowledge of computer programming, ICT, internet protocols and applications and a solid grasp of digital business strategy.

Accounting and finance

General accountant

An accountant’s job generally includes assisting with audit fieldwork, balancing ledger accounts and correcting account discrepancies. Preparing financial statements are not left out. Employers look to hire accountants with strong Microsoft Excel, time management, analytical reasoning and communication skills. Candidates with public accounting experience have an advantage. Professional qualifications such as ICAN, ANAN, NIM etc can also give your CV an edge.

Financial analyst

Companies and businesses need financial analysts to prepare profit and loss models, balance sheets and other data-driven management reports. These professionals make financial analysis, investment analysis, assist in business decision therefore they often interact with executive management, project leaders, sales managers and other financial professionals. A thorough knowledge of general accounting procedures, reporting and expense analysis required.

Loan administrator

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic micro-finance banks and institutions have become very important as the economy moves toward recovery, micro finance banks will need loan administrators to process requests from customers seeking loans to jump-start new ventures or improve existing ones.

A loan administrator’s duties include processing or monitoring loan payments. Their job includes ensuring that loan documentation is properly put together and signed, collateral is documented appropriately so that the bank is protected, loans are set up in the bank accounting system, and clients are properly billed.

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Creative and marketing


Content strategist

The content creator main responsibility is developing an effective content strategy that includes planning, creating and managing content that is shareable across digital platforms. Other duties can include providing guidance on which channels to use for content delivery and measuring customer engagement to assess the effectiveness of the content strategy.

Content creators are high-level thinkers and creative problem solvers. Employers often prefer candidates with strong search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) skills and project management experience.

Content writers/Copywriter

Content writers/Copywriters generally work for marketing  agencies and creative departments, these professionals rely on their exemplary writing skills to craft sales copy for websites, ads, marketing materials and more.

Demand is running high for these skilled professionals as more companies invest in content marketing and need writers to develop sales copy for marketing campaigns.


Executive assistant

Executive assistants are in charge of managing calendars, calls, making travel arrangements and coordinating meetings and events. Clerical, administrative and logistical support to executive managers including mastering new technology and skills are part of the job description.

Executive assistants need strong computer and internet research skills, flexibility, excellent interpersonal abilities, and project coordination experience..

Human resources (HR) assistant

HR assistants help HR directors and hiring managers with a number of HR-related tasks, from interview screening phone calls and scheduling interviews to locating potential job candidates and planning new-hire on boarding. This  position can be a fundemental step toward launching an HR career. A perfect candidate for this role possesses strong communication, interpersonal and organizational skills, as well as solid computer skills.

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