The Collective Action in Tech (CAiT) Fellowship 2021 for tech workers, researchers, journalist and content creators

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Collective Action in Tech (CAiT) is launching a Fellowship with funding from the Jain Family Institute.

Fellows will receive $500-1000 to share a story of collective action in the tech industry, past or present. This can be a protest, strike, display of solidarity, community-building effort or any other kind of collective project that empowers tech workers speaking out on workplace or broader social issues. For this fellowship, the “tech worker” has an expansive definition. We’re interested in stories not just of software engineers and data scientists, but of all workers in the tech sector including content moderators, warehouse workers, gig workers, and contractors. Content will be published on our website and through one of our media partners.

How To Apply

Please fill out this short application by March 1st (any time zone). If you encounter any issues, write to us at

Our Media Partners

We are excited to partner with Logic Magazine and Progressive International in presenting this fellowship. More partners may be added in coming weeks.

Every fellow will be matched with a media partner that best represents the scope of their story within the first few weeks of the fellowship. Media partners commit to providing feedback on a piece of content as it is being researched and produced. At the end of this process, your piece will be published on our website and through the media partner to ensure it reaches a wide audience.

Please note, we cannot guarantee you publication with any particular media partner. We have chosen to partner with a range of publications in order to provide several potential outlets for the diverse applications we hope to receive. Final publication decisions are made by the media partners.All pieces will be published on the Collective Action in Tech website and shared through our social media. In addition, all publications will be referenced and linked in a capsule essay for the Jain Family Institute’s Phenomenal World blog.

Examples of Content

(A) Long-form journalism: 2,000 to 5,000 words describing an action. If the author is involved in the action or in organizing, this is explicitly mentioned in the piece, along with an explanation of how their perspective informs their view. Examples:

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