The Best Questions To Ask An Interviewer.

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You’re reading an article on the best questions to ask the interviewer at the end of the interview.

But first lets paint a vivid picture with words.  It’s interview’s end, the meeting has gone great, and you are feeling like you killed it and will be hired.

Then out of the blues the HR manager pops the question, “ one very important thing before we end this interview, do you have any questions for me?”

Your mind skips a beat and you try to think of something off the top of your head.

You try again to think of a relevant question but because you did not prepare for it  all that you bring forth was a humble look, followed by a blank “no.”

Most big business will not hire you for that singular slip.


According to top HR Managers asking the interviewer questions at the end of the interview session shows that you have really prepared for that interview, done your due diligence on the company and on the job.

You just have to ask something. But something relevant not just any odd question.

 You have a lot to lose if you don’t do a little interviewing of your own via posing intelligent and relevant questions to the interviewer.

So, today this article will deal with some great follow-up questions to ask an interviewer at the end or during an interview session. All that matters is that you ask.

The most important questions to ask an interviewer should be tailored towards the following areas.

  • Show Your Interest for the Position

Here are top questions you should absolutely ask an interviewer that will show your interest in the position:

What’s the next step in the interview/hiring process?

How long does your recruitment process usually take?

What are the primary responsibilities of the position?

What would my day-to-day routine look like if I get the job?

What can you tell me about the job apart from what was in the description?

What is the key to succeeding in this role?

What does it look like during the busiest and toughest times for this role?

Would I need to travel for the position?

Is overtime expected and/or allowed?

Could you tell me a little bit about the person I would report to directly?

How many people will I be working with?

If I were hired for the position, what would be the ideal starting date?

Do you expect the responsibilities for this role to change in the near future?

  • Show interest in the Company

Here are some questions that will help you demonstrate your interest in the company:

What is the work culture like here?

Can you tell me what the team is like?

What model of reinforcement do you use to correct and instruct?

How does the position fit in relation to the rest of the organization?

How does senior management view/interact with the person in this position?

Is there a career path that someone in this position would be expected to follow?

What are the prospects for growth?

Could you go into more detail about the company’s culture?

How would you describe the overall style of management at the company?

What do you/employees like most about working here?

How well do people with my background adjust to working here?

What could you tell me about the company that isn’t widely known?

What kind of leadership/management style do you promote in the company?

How does the company take an idea from inception to completion?

Finally make sure not to ask the interviewer yes/no questions. Your few questions posed should be able to elicit a detailed response.

Limit your questions to two (2) and never say No, nothing comes to mind.”  This shows a lack of interest and preparation. Always ask at least two questions to the interviewer!

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