Team Work and its Benefits

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By Michael Chimeremma Nwadialor

Huge impact and high quality of productivity is certain the moment individuals are intentional and willing to make the team’s/group’s interests, goals, targets and objectives their number one in their scale of preference. Teamwork is like a wand swerved here and there and boom!!  The degree of successful results will become amazingly high.

A team just like the human body that consists of different parts like the head, hands, legs etc must have more than one person in play. it is imperative to know that as the individual members of the body cooperate with other parts for progress, team members must coordinate themselves and cooperate if they want to get positive results.

Think of a team as the human body or a football team or the three stands of a tripod, they require members to make them up. Building a team requires the same, it requires bringing people from here and there to form a team and achieve success.

Truly, In order for an organisation to accomplish and attain growth and development teamwork is necessary. Teamwork means enabling people to use their unique abilities to effectively work in cohesion with other team members.

Teamwork is of great value and essence. Why? it provides a conducive work environment where vast opportunities can be harnessed and more heights reached. Businesses and organizations through teamwork can accomplish complex tasks speedily and reach new benchmarks.

The following are ways in which teamwork can be exponentially beneficial to the biggest any business and organization.



Having more hands, ideas and experience in a business or company’s pocket is quite beneficial no doubt. Team members who are allowed to communicate and share their views and ideas openly understand that you as a manager or leader understands them and can subsequently birth creativity.



Working alone has downsides and one of them is ‘Stress’. This stress is caused by pressure brought about by lack of rest and drive to meet or beat deadlines. Teamwork allows for other team mates to lessen the burden – crush the nuts and move to the next task to be done.

Deadlines will be met and friendship amongst members will be fostered. What else can truly define a ‘Win win’?



First, the goals of the company is clear and every effective team member has imbibed these goals as his or hers. Second, everyone must know the roles each of them are called to play. If their individual goals are not crystal clear, there would be unnecessary confusion.

If there are no confusion and every person knows his or her function all will go well and productivity will be top notch.



As team members in a team-workplace, although other members bring their skills, opinions and ideas, there is high probability that this cross ventilation will help expand every team member’s horizon. The learning opportunities can be enormous and would enable professional growth and development among members and in turn help the organisation to develop as well.

The benefits of teamwork abounds. It stems and lives on unity and cooperation of members who make up the teams and departments in various organisations. Without team work no organisation can stand, no company can thrive for long.

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