The Benefits of Studying Online and Where to Find Courses

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Looking for ways to further your education, professional development and/or skill? This is a compilation of sites where you can take in courses for your professional development. Taking courses from these sites would also boost your CV or Resumé and of course help you standout from the pack of applicants seeking jobs.

These sites include;

  1. Alison :
  2. Coursera:
  3. EDX:
  4. Futurelearn:
  5. Lynda:
  6. Pluralsight:
  7. Plusacumen:
  8. Open2study:
  9. Udemy:
  10. Udacity:
  11. Paruto institute :

The benefits of continuing professional development are numerous. But here are a few for your internalization. They include;

1. Flexible schedule: By studying online, you could choose anywhere you want to study. Be it your room, your garden or your study.
2. Different courses: There are a variety of courses to choose from. You could also earn every academic degree online from a career certificate to a doctorate.
3. Minimize cost: Most online courses are relatively cheap compared to the usual. No tuition fee or transportation fee.
4. Career advancement: Earning a degree would show prospective employers your ambitiousness. It shows you are ready for new challenges.

I hope this would go a long way in helping you acquire new knowledge and skills to further in your career.  

All the best.

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