Remote work and its Benefits For Nigerians.

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By Chimeremma Nwadialor

Globally, the world’s feet are taking tremendous and quick steps towards advancing the way and manner with which organisations and individuals now approach work.

The Covid-19 pandemic opened a curtain to the world and fast tracked flexible working. Organizations who were firmly against not working from home had to loose their clinched fists due to the pandemic, the stay at home policies and the long procedures.

A lot of fellows don’t know what remote work is, alright, it means ‘working remotely’. Less satisfactory right? Of course. Imagine using a remote control device to operate your television or car, you can use that remote anywhere (minding the length of distance and not operating from Mars) and get your car locked or unlocked right?.

Therefore, remote work professionally means working from home or locations outside the organization’s office. 

Remote work now modifies changing how we perceive work-life, the communication patterns, how we measure productivity and how professional teams can still survive.

Invincible structures that once dictated uncomfortable boundaries of our professional lives have now be chain sawed. 

Even though remote working does not require staying in a busy company office, a remote worker must create his or her own workspace at home. It is important to note also, working remotely might go beyond your living space into a coffee shop, in a commuting vehicle etc, depending on your convenience. 

Working remotely has not always been easy and smooth for both employees and employers. Technological advancement has brought with it exceptional and productive tools like Zoom, Skype, Slack and Jitsi thus helping more people to work remotely individually and as a team. 

Some of the most popular roles for remote workers especially in the Nigerian space include ; Web developer, graphic designer, teacher/Instructor, Writer, Consultant and the list goes on. 

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The future of work undoubtedly is going flexible. Some of the merits of working from home for both employers and employees can comfortably include lower costs and improved well-being. 

The following are three apt benefits of working From home in Nigeria; 

 First, improvement of well-being. 

Wellbeing improves as a result of the fact that employees get to customize their work space to fit their personal taste and needs. They conveniently work with their preferred outfits, time and tech setup, and in addition take care of personal needs.

Through working remotely the work-life balance of employees are strengthened, no doubt. 

Second, Remote work Increases Productivity. 

Organizations smile once productivity is improved. No one frowns at increasing productivity at all because growth is always the goal. 

Studies have shown that remote workers are 20 to 25 per cent more productive than their office counterparts.

Social distractions are extinct and opportunities abound to take necessary breaks. These breaks help with creativity and top-notch performance. 

Third, Potential employees abound. 

Employers who are ready to employ workers who would work remotely have a boundless sea of potential employees. They are not limited to hiring local talent in a designated area or country, this simply depicts the fact that they have greater chance of getting someone with the exact desirable skills for the Job.

One who combines skill, experience, and personality that best suit the organization gets the job done and takes the organisation to the zenith. This can create a balanced group of professionals to innovate with.

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