Recruiting and Retaining Millennials in the Workplace

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Recruiting and retaining millennials has become a concern to many organizations. As an employer one thing you should know is that traditional  recruiting won’t always be effective for millennials.

Here are factors to consider in recruiting and retaining millennials in the workplace.

1. Provide opportunities for growth

Millennials care most about the ability to learn and grow as a professional and individual.  You can retain millennials by organizing training and development programs for them. Recommend relevant books for them to read. In the process of recruiting, some candidates might desire personal and professional growth. You need to let them know how you will offer that.

2. Build their personal brand

They apply to your organization because they saw something that would be beneficial to them especially in building their personal brand. Each team member should be able to build a personal brand and grow professionally with your help inside and out of the office.

3. Things should be kept fresh and new

Millennials do not want to come into an office and work for a company that is going to be completely stagnant. Millennials are adventurous, they want to see things in a state of change.

4. Make Work Fun

When employees are happy, they are far less likely to leave. Make sure the experience you are giving your them is enjoyable and fun.  If you don’t make work fun for them they will leave to a more greener pasture. Make sure to create a place where they want to work.

5. Provide meaningful work

Help young professionals understand how their job matches the mission of the organization. Let them see their role as significant in the workplace, and help them embrace the meaning this creates in their work.

6. Respect employee feedback

Encourage two-way communication. Millennials enjoy being team players and want to make a positive contribution to the company. Giving feedback to young professionals while also inviting them to give you their thoughts encourages their sense of value.

7. There should be Flextime

Millennials no longer believe job security is offered at any company( I personally don’t believe it either) , and are much more likely to “shop around” and compare job benefits. A lack of flexibility in their work hours is a big reason Millennials quit.  You could arrange for qualified employees to take time to attend to their personal matters. They could work remotely for one or two days weekly.

You can create a millennial team of your dream.  Goodluck!

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