How You Can Self Promote Your Career.

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As a professional you should be able to self promote and communicate career success and ambitions. This is to enable career progression and promotion. If your organisation does not have a performance review mechanism, you could start by asking for this so that all your hard work is being reviewed and you get the necessary accolades.  

Making sure other people (current employer and potential employers) know your career highlights and success will help make sure you’re considered for future opportunities and better remuneration.

Self promotion is not bragging or showing off, it is about being comfortable taking credit for your work and successes. It is speaking up about your accomplishments and contribution to ensure that the right people notice you for career progression and promotion. Self promotion is one attribute of successful people, this is because doing amazing work in the work place is not enough, you have take credit for the outstanding work you put in.

Here are tips to help raise your profile in the workplace and aid your career progression:

  1. Exceed expectations

Performing well and exceeding your targets will show your employer your potential. Completing and submitting tasks before deadlines is the best way to convince your employer of your commitment and professionalism.

  1. Communicate your successes

Don’t be afraid to make others aware of your successes especially your employer. If you are working hard and performing well then you should share your success with your boss. You could do this by copying your boss in an email from a satisfied client or sharing insights you’ve learned from a recently successful project.

  1. Promote the Work of Others

When you had the help of team mates in accomplishing a task, make sure you give due credit and appreciation. When you promote the work of others naturally you give them positive feelings about you which encourages them to speak highly of you as well. build a culture of showing appreciation for good work done by others. Make sure you speak about what “we” accomplished rather than centering yourself whean talking about team success.

  1. Be Competent and deliver on tasks.

Your ability to consistently do great work and deliver on deadlines and tasks are a great way to self promote. One way to cultivate the reputation of an employee who always deliver is to take on a high profile project that is demanding. However make sure you can deliver astounding results because bit will cemet your reputation as a problem solver and naturally promote your career even in your absence.

  1. Become an Expert.

An employee who is an expert at what he does and is regularly been asked to speak at events or conduct trainings is already engaging in self promotion. The mere fact that others outside your organisation recognize your expertise is already promoting your career. Build your skills and expertise by taking Professional courses, promoting yourself online through social media and getting invited to speak at events relevant to your fields.

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Self-promotion is important for career advancement, but first you need to understand how to do it right. To self-promote correctly, remember to exceed expectations, self-promote others, master the ability to give credit to those who support you and become an expert.

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