How To Write A Personal Statement.

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One of the basic and most fundamental requirements for submiting your scholarship application and getting accepted for a higher education scholarship both within and outside the shores of Nigeria is a captivating personal statement. It is a very important essay as through the words, you can have leave a profound impression with the scholarship committee. A well-written essay can rapidly increase your chances of getting the scholarship grant and fulfilling your dreams.. Therefore, you must take it seriously and allocate time for covering all essential topics and for writing. 

A personal mission statement shows how you define yourself as a person and how you fit in to the programme. It identifies your personal or professional purpose and presents why the programme is important to you. Many students and applicants find it challenging to come up with creative ideas and pen down unique scholarship essays that would win them the grant. Here is your chance to prove yourself and demonstrate that you are the one who is worth getting the scholarship. 

A well-written scholarships personal statement can guarantee you success in your scholarship application. To illustrate your desire and ability to study in particular universities, you have to input as much crucial information as possible into your personal statement because the scholarship screening committee will undoubtedly take into consideration a well-written personal statement.

Make sure you get these right when writing your personal mission statement.

  1. introduction
    Here you must begin your story with an exciting fact. Talk about something that impressed you and changed your mind. something that determined your decision about your future specialization, discipline and choices. It may be a story from childhood, a piece of the conversation, a film that had impressed you.
  2. Main body paragraph
    It is a paragraph where you have to narrate both your educational and personal background. You must provide as much information as possible to cover all aspects of your life that are somehow related to your course choice. Don’t neglect to include all essential information in this paragraph: your skills, abilities, places where you worked and what you learned from that experience, courses that somehow changed your mind, and, finally, connect that all with the story of your life. 
  3. Conclusion
    The last paragraph of your scholarship statement should tell the reader about your future intentions and perspectives. Explain how the scholarship may help you achieve your purposes in life and how it will help the people around you. Find a relationship between the course and your long term goals.

Also when writing mission statement for scholarship application make sure to

  • Write sincerely
    You have to be honest and write only the facts and data related to your experience and background. Even if you use some samples, don’t write about something that you can’t prove or don’t have.
  • Stick to the requirements
    As a rule, the perfect word limit is 500-700 words, try to stick to it and not write a lot. Don’t forget to double-space the essay and use a readable font. It is a part of the visual impression of your writing. Also stick to any particular instruction and guidelines the scholarship application stipulates.
  • Edit
    Edit your statement as many times as even possible. While reading and editing, you might find some mistakes, realise that some information is not necessary or something is missing. these things must be improved. 
  • Provide particular examples
    Your aim is not to describe but to prove. If you are writing about a skill you have, don’t forget to strengthen it with a case you had. For instance, if you write that you have good leadership and team-work skills, you have to reinforce that with a particular situation or story when you had to prove yourself. 
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