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How to retain your best employees in almost any industry is always difficult, this is because the best employees always have plenty of options and job offers. This means that as an employer you often times compete with a range of different employers, many of which offer better compensation and benefits packages that can sway your very best employee and top talent to leave.

The emergence of coronavirus outbreak created new uncertainties and opportunities for business and employees alike. This has affected the work space and employment manhunt.

In 2021 and beyond, If an organisation wants to hold onto its top employees, there are several steps employers need to take to ensure that employees are committed to staying. Below are tips to ensure that.

What Do Employees Want?

Building a strong team and been able to retain your best employees involves listening to and understanding what exactly employees are looking for

Having your employees suggest new benefits or policies that they’d like to see, whether through a regular staff survey or some other means through which you gather ideas and insights can boost morale and make employees happy. If you feel your business is at risk of losing its best employees Here are areas where deliberate action can help boost employees’ job satisfaction and increase your ability to hold onto valued workers:

Employee compensation — Now more than ever It’s essential for companies to pay their employees competitive compensation, which means you might need to re-evaluate and adjust salaries regularly. Consider whether you could provide other forms of compensation, like bonuses and paid time off, Improving those valued offerings can help raise employees’ job satisfaction and retain them.

Perks — Perks can make your workplace stand out to and re-engage current staff. It also boosts employee morale. Perks like flexible schedules and remote work options what a lot of professionals value most.

Recognition and rewards systems — Every employee wants to feel appreciated for the work they do  and an employer’s gratitude can be the decision maker for an employee who was thinking of quitting. So be sure to thank your employees who go the extra mile to accomplish a task. Explain how their hard work helps the organization and set up an official recognition and appreciation  system  to incentivize great ideas and innovation from your staff. Whatever the occasion or reason, seize the chance to celebrate your employees. Mark  personal and team milestone together.

Work-life balance —A healthy work-life balance is essential to job satisfaction. Your employees  need to know that you understand they have lives outside of work and recognize that maintaining balance can be even more challenging especially in these covid 19 times. Encourage staff to take their vacation time. Avoid asking your staff to work on weekends, or holidays and if late nights are necessary to wrap up a project give team members extra time off to compensate.

Training and development — As part of your employee retention strategy your organisation could look into providing continuous feedback on performance which will help employees identify areas for professional growth, such as the need to learn new skills. Sending your employees to upskill, gain new abilities and competencies will help increase employee satisfaction and also their level of productivity.

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