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If You’ve been asked to come back for a second interview, you already know that at this point you’re being seriously considered as a potential candidate for the position based on your performance in the first interview. However your follow up performance in the second interview will most likely get you the job or not. This is why you need to prepare for the second interview even more than you did for the first interview.

What’s different about a second interview? In this second round of interview you can expect new interviewers and a different set of questions. Follow-up or second interviews also gives you the opportunity to meet more people in the organization and convince them of the potential and value  you will bring to the organisation.

Be ready to answer new questions from several different people (it could also be the hiring manager that interviewed you the first time) in the second interview. First interview questions are normally targeted at knowing the applicant’s skills and experience, the questions asked at a second interview are focused on helping the interviewer gauge how you will perform if given the role. Below are few examples of questions employers and hiring managers ask during a second interview.

Do you have anything you want to revisit from your first interview?

Before the second interview, take time to make a list of things that occurred to you after your interview that you may want to bring up.

Tell me again what interests you about this job and what skills and strengths you plan to bring to it.

Answer this question by outlining specific contributions you believe you can bring to the company if given the job.

Can you tell me a little more about your current/most recent job?

Answer this question by giving a short and precise summary of duties and responsibilities at your last position.

Describe a professional achievement you’re especially proud of.

Answer this question by clearly explaining the significance of your accomplishment in your previous and current job.

Do you prefer to work alone or with other people?

Answer this question by showing that you are a team player and can collaborate well with co-workers and also work alone if need be.

What sort of work environment do you prefer?

Answer this question by aligning your answer to the company’s work place culture and environment.

What would you consider an acceptable salary for this position?

Make sure to research the salary range for the position you are interviewing for as this will give you an idea of what the company is willing and able to pay. Read the job description so you can properly tie your remuneration to the quantity and quality of work you will be doing.

Additionally be ready to share your work samples again even if you’ve shared them in the first interview because you might be meeting new interviewers. Review your resume and cover letter again to make sure you are providing consistent information about your skills and experience throughout.

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