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Managing work place relationships is always tricky.  Tempting as it might be to be best friends with your employer or colleagues, it’s not always the best ideas to start spilling your secrets to work place colleagues.

So if you’re just starting out and can’t seem to separate your personal life from your professional or work place relationship then this is just the article for you.

Employees who have a good work relationship with fellow colleagues exhibit high morale escalated work engagement and increased satisfaction at work.

Meanwhile folks who tend to mix personal matters with work place relationship have been found to have messy careers and professional relationships.

By taking intentional steps toward understanding your emotional intelligence and getting to know your co-workers, you can build lasting, professional work place relationship that will definitely be a career advancing advantage. 

Aside from the obvious advantage work place relationship provides, effective professional relationships with other professionals and team members, helps you to enjoy your day-to-day job.

The trick with professional relationship is separating personal issues and emotions from work place professionalism in a balanced manner.

Mixing professional and personal relationships can cause problems for both the individual, the manager, your colleagues and the company at large.  The relationship between you and the rest of the team should be mutual and professional.

Because of this, you and your colleagues need to establish clear boundaries between your professional lives and your personal friendship and identify quickly when those boundaries are ineffective.





As a professional it is not your job description to point out who is better and who is not. It is always risky to put yourself in a situation that will tarnish your image through gossiping and spreading rumours in the work place.

Behave in a humble manner and even if someone tries to pull you into an unruly conversation. As long as you maintain the idea of treating everyone as equal, you will find yourself working in a positive working environment at all times and holding the respect of your colleagues.


An important part of building and promoting healthy professional relationships at work is the ability to appreciate and celebrate your co-workers’ achievements.

Show genuine interest in their achievements by congratulating and encouraging them. This will help build goodwill between colleagues, business partners and clients.


Putting off work all the time will only end up creating a block or even enmity between you and your colleagues. Some may start avoiding communicating with you at all in a bid to avoid been overladen with your work.

Instead of shifting your workload onto your teammates, try to cooperate and collaborate.



This is most likely the most important factor in maintaining a healthy professional relationship. Just like everything in life you need to set clear cut boundaries with your co-workers, clients and colleagues on the tone of the relationship. What conversations are off limits? You have to be firm and consistent while also being cordial when setting the tone of a work place relationship

While it’s okay to be friends with those you’re dealing with professionally, you don’t have to reveal personal information and issues to business contacts. The more personal information you share in your business relationships, the more personal those relationships become. If you’re looking to keep things strictly professional, stay away from partaking in gossip and too much self-disclosure.

Finally don’t go nuclear on your team mates or colleagues when they criticize or point out your faults…take criticism for what it is: valuable feedback and insights to help you grow and improve professional.

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