How To Manage Stress In The Work Place

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There’s a silent killer in your workplace, attacking hard working employees, sucking away your energy, shaking your concentration, and destroying your confidence. It’s called stress

and not knowing how to manage it in the work place can greatly affect your performance at work.

The thing about stress is that it is a regular human emotion, just like joy  and so even if you enjoy your work to the fullest the possibility of workplace related stress catching up with you is still very much high.

A recent report from the News Agency of Nigeria stated that about 7 million Nigerians suffer stress and depression related to the workplace.

Stress has been tagged a “workplace hazard” and several studies show that workplace  stress can cause not only emotional and psychological but also physical harm like headaches, upset stomach, increased blood pressure, chest pain, and trouble sleeping.

Fortunately this article is filled with tips to help you manage workplace related stress.

They include

  • ORGANISE AND PRIOTISE : A great way to manage and reduce work place stress is to learn how to handle stress at your work place by prioritizing and organizing via


  • Clarify Goals.

You prioritize by setting clear objectives. Make time to clarify your goals and be sure that your daily activities lead back to one of your set goals.

  • Prioritize Against Goals.

Don’t set priorities just like that. Use your goals to evaluate the importance of every task.

  • Set Deadlines.

A general management rule dictates that if a task doesn’t have a deadline, it will get pushed aside for one that does. Therefore you have to set realistic deadlines for every task to ensure that they get done within a stipulated timeframe

  • Make a To-Do List.

Writing down your plan of activity in a notebook or a note taking app is very effective in organising your day to reduce stress. It helps you keep a handle on your daily activities.


A 1999 study found that exercise was just as effective in eliminating depression and stress as antidepressants.

Simple and regular exercise also helps get your mind off your stressful thoughts and unto productive things. Regular exercise can be a form of meditation and has a calming effect on the body and mind leading to reduction in stress.

The most interesting thing about exercise is that it doesn’t have to be tedious to produce effects. A simple exercise such as taking evening or early morning walks on weekends if done consistently will go a long way in stress reduction.

Walking or jogging around your room for 20mins every morning and other simple early morning exercises if done consistently has proven an effective remedy for work place stress.




Sugar or fat-laden foods like burgers, ice cream and other unhealthy snacks only offer temporary sweetness and pleasure.

In the long run make you feel lethargic, sluggish and tired which in turn only increases your stress.

You should avoid foods high in refined sugar, red meat, caffeinated drinks like coffee and soda, nicotine and alcohol. These cause your energy levels to rise high suddenly and crash, cause sleeplessness, increase anxiety and act as a natural depressant

You should instead eat foods high in fiber and nutrition such as  fruits, wheat bread, pasta and vegetables.

Balanced and nutritious diet has natural mood boosting and stabilizing proteins to help you combat stress easily.



Getting the right amount of sleep every day is a major key to stay fresh and strong. Sleep counters stress and refreshes.

There used to be a bias in the corporate world and among business leaders that “sleep is for the weak” but this has been proven to be quite untrue because a lack of sleep surely affects your mood negatively, makes you look and feel irritated and on edge.

These alone has amounted to stress in and of itself.  Getting enough sleep daily is also important in the fight against work place related stress.

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