How To Make Video Meetings More Productive.

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The corona virus pandemic has changed a lot of work place culture and procedures.  With so many people still working from home via remote work, video meetings are likely to remain a regular means of meeting and communication for organisations. And although you and your coworkers are used to the basics of joining a video meeting, there are other more fundamental rules of video meetings that will make it more productive for your team and organisation.

Below are some tips to make your video meetings more productive

Share a Meeting Agenda

It’s important to set a clear agenda and send it out to participants beforehand so they know what to expect,. It will also help everyone get in the right frame of mind before the meeting.

If you’re making a presentation, also consider sharing documents or slides in advance in case you have technical difficulties.

Check Your Internet Connection

Losing your intenet connection during a meeting usually means missing out on an important discussion. It’s even worse if you’re the one giving a presentation.

To prevent this from happening try moving closer to your router and make sure you stay at a spot with good internet connection and reception. Also make sure you have enough internet data to last you the duration of the meeting.

Take Advantage of Tools and Features

Through your company’s video meetings, you’ll have access to use different video tools designed to make meetings more productive. For example, the “raise hand” function helps participants signal they have something to say. And to avoid derailing a meeting because you’re not sure how to use a tool, test them out ahead of time.

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Keep Records of Your Meetings

Forgetting to record virtual meetings or take minutes, whether as audio, video, or notes is very important as it will help you’ll avoid confusion about what took place. Plus, people who couldn’t attend can get up to speed.

Choose the Right Background

There are plenty of easy ways to look professional on camera and video meetings. First, keep your background simple. A plain wall eliminate distractions. Avoid sitting somewhere with a door that appears behind you, especially if you’re working at home with roommates, a spouse, or children who could enter at any time.

As you’re setting up your space for the video meet, take a screenshot of yourself on camera to review what people can see in your background.

Position the Camera at Eye Level

Eye contact is essential in any conversation, but in a virtual/video meeting you actually have to break away from the natural urge to look at the people you’re talking to. That’s why it’s important to keep the camera at eye level and look into it from time to time while you’re speaking. 

Light Your Face Well

If your face is covered in shadows, it can be hard for others to really connect with you on screen. A simple solution is to place a lamp on either side of your camera.

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