How to Land a Job using LinkedIn.

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By Chimerenma Nwadialor 

The power of online sites cannot be overlooked or overemphasised, if you are looking for a job, one online site you should not miss is LinkedIn. This incredible site provides you with ample opportunity for your resume and professional information.

The good rippling effect is that, you get to network with other professionals in your field. 

To be able to utilize this site, you have to set up your own LinkedIn profile. Once you do, the sky becomes your starting point and you can apply for jobs in your field and be able to communicate with businesses, local and international.

One can see LinkedIn as a professional community where opportunities abound. All you need do is understand LinkedIn and pay close attentions to opportunities here and there on the platform. 

Here are seven simple steps to land a job via LinkedIn 


First things first, go ahead and visit the LinkedIn website or homepage and set up an account. It is true that LinkedIn is filled with tremendous opportunities but before you begin a job search or scout, you surely need a personal LinkedIn account. 

Your information needed to kick-start registration are a professional email address and a strong and easy-to-remember password. Add your address, country of residence, your current job status and title, and last but not the least, the industry you aspire to work in.

To fast track your LinkedIn profile setup, you have the option of using your Google account (if you have one) to create your account. 


Flesh out your profile by expounding your work history and experience. Honestly submit your strengths and passions while depicting how they connect to your ambitions professionally. Write a headline that summarizes what you are into and the keywords that potential employers or others can use to quickly find you in the LinkedIn world.

Kindly note that if your biographical information are written in the third person it would not be professionally palatable, first person is preferable. 


One key ingredient to a professional account is a professional photograph of yourself. Professional means it should portray you in a light where anyone who sees it senses that you are responsible and excellent. Put on a business outfit (you don’t need to wear a shoe) and take a shot showing primarily your face, oriented in the manner that you are looking forward. You could pay a professional photographer in a photography studio to give you professional-quality headshots. Avoid uploading a selfie, one where you wildly smiled or a tongue-out photo. 


A crucial step is also the uploading of a resume, it will help potential employers to get a-glimpse of who you are both as an employee and the kind of work you’ve done before now. If you’ve already uploaded a resume on LinkedIn but it’s not laid out properly or one paged, then you have to update it.

Craft your resume excellently and ensure it contains an up-to-date version of your professional history before you upload it. One free tip – if you are a freelancer, get your work samples handy, those handy samples are your employment history. 


Target having at least 3 scores of connections on the site before you start searching for obs. This way you can build up a list of contacts to connect within your field. Ask your former colleagues and supervisors for recommendations. Truth is, if you’re searching for a job, recommendations are super advantage to your profile. You can also join professional groups in your field to be in the know of conferences, trainings and most importantly job news. 


The moment your online profile is complete, and you have got a good level of network and contact in your field then you are ready to start searching for jobs in your field. Once you navigate to the “Jobs page”, select city and state that you reside. Type in the job title and specifications.

Be abreast with companies in the industry you’re interested to know if they are hiring. “follow” them Once the company you have been looking into announce that they are hiring, connect with the hiring manager(s) by sending a brief message introducing yourself to him, her or them. This is your own advert and way of showing availability for the position. 

One simple tip – If you and a company’s hiring manager or recruiter have mutual contacts, swiftly reach out to the individual and introduce yourself and express your desire after your introduction and exchange of pleasantries. 



Constantly check your email for possible positive replies from the firms you have applied to. Remember to tabs, this is because if you miss the opportunity, it’ll go straight to another. There is a hell of competition in every field. If after a few weeks and months, there are no positive responses, it is okay. Try again. Burning bridges will never help, even if the responses you get and not palatable, carry the cross of patience. They might recommend you some day. 

Lastly you can always set up jobs alerts on LinkedIN. This will enable be the first to know when any vacancy pops up. Use key words and job titles to do this.

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