How to Land a Job as a New Graduate

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For a new graduate, it is quite challenging to get a job especially since you have not has not worked before.  Employers always someone with work history and experience over a fresh graduate who they feel is all “theory” with no real work experience. So, how do you get experience without having any? The answer lies in volunteering and internships.

This is why it is important that students do volunteer jobs while in school In order not to appear as aa graduate with no experience and career path.

Because higher education doesn’t always guarantee youths a job or career path but fresh graduates always find themselves stuck without any job experience while still job hunting.  Some are investing in more higher education in hopes that another degree will provide them with a much needed job and career path. My advice? Take control of your career by getting a variety of volunteer experiences early on

Here are some tips for starting your career that they didn’t teach you in school!

  1. Volunteer

As a fresh graduate the surest means of gaining work experience is to volunteer in organisations and industries were you want to build a career path in. if for example you have plans of building a career in the NGO space  it makes sense for you to volunteer or work as an unpaid intern in any relevant NGO in order to build your portfolio in that sector.

Having experience from volunteering or internships is guaranteed to give you an advantage over other fresh graduates without experience applying for the same jobs.

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  1. Accquire relevant skills.

The more you can acquire in-demand skills, the more employable you become in the work space even as a new graduate. Take professional courses and trainings related to your desired career. Take a look at the job descriptions for jobs you want and build the skills you need for that level.

Get trained in more than one skill so you can offer extra value to your employer. Hiring managers will rather hire someone with several skills and professional certifications over someone without any. Visit Paruto Institute here to obtain Free Professional Courses and Certifications

  1. Consider in-demand occupations.

In 2015 Forbes released The 10 Most Promising Jobs based on stats courtesy of Glassdoor, and none of them include doctor, lawyer, and teacher. Instead, Physician’s Assistant, Software Engineer, and Marketing Manager were some of the highly-touted roles. In 2021 career paths like Computer Programming, Project Management, Social Media Managers, Graphic designers, Writers, Data Analysts etc are some of the most financially rewarding careers.

 Be open-minded to new opportunities, research all the new and exciting jobs out there and talk to career experts.


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