How To Introduce Yourself Professionally And Succeed.

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It is quite vital how people will perceive you for subsequent interactions after you must have introduced yourself the first time. The way you introduce yourself is essential for creating a  fantastic cum accurate image of yourself in their mind so your potential employer feels comfortable and is courteous while interacting with you.  First impressions start here, so make sure you get it right because your next career move could wll begin with a hello and a handshake.

Whether you are meeting someone for an interview in person or online , it’s important to know how to introduce yourself to set the right tone for your conversation and control your first impression. 

We are all bound to meet new people at some point in our lives or the other, whether you’re shy or a total extrovert; it could be when you start a new job, attend a networking event, or your friend introduces you to someone they know.  Stumbling over simple facts is not a good way to begin.

Tips on How to Introduce Yourself:

Every situation requires its own unique approach especially when you’re meeting someone for the first time. To ensure you make the best possible impression  you’ll find some common scenarios and tips on exactly how you can be on top of your game in each introduction situation. 

In an interview:

  1. Stay off your phone while you wait in the interview room. Stay calm and aware
  2. Give a firm, confident handshake and smile as you say, “Thank you for meeting with me today,” or
  3. Oftentimes your interviewer will start off by saying, “Tell me about yourself ” so you should go prepared with talking points. Read more about how to answer “Tell me about yourself ” here.


At a networking event:

At events and shows  is when you really have a chance to practice introducing yourself to a bunch of willing strangers who wont mind, so practice approaching and introducing yourself at these type of functions. Approach your person, smile and say, “Hi, I’m [your name], I’m a [what you do].

At a meeting:

When introducing yourself at a meeting you state your name, department, and role at the company. Don’t presume that everyone already knows who you are, people need reminders all the time.

Finally when introducing yourself anywhere mind your body movement and non-verbal cues.

 Making eye contact, having a firm handshake, a strong stance, and a smiling face all convey a sense of confidence and command to your audience. Confidence is contagious, which means that when you act confident you will start feeling more confident and then others will perceive you as confident and eventually as competent.

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