How to Improve Your Leadership Skills

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Effective leaders have been known to have the ability to communicate well, motivate their team, handle and delegate responsibilities, listen to feedback, and have the flexibility to solve problems. There is no one right way to lead in all circumstances which is why  one of the main characteristics of good leaders is their flexibility and ability to adapt to changing situations. Strategic leadership skills refers to the ability to influence and motivate others in order to achieve organisational goals and  help in the growth of financial and organizational success.

Because effective and strategic leadership is key to the growth and development of any business, venture and corporate organisations different leadership styles affects the rate of development and the potential achievements of any company which is why  gaining strategic leadership skills cannot be over emphasised.  Leaders do not only provide a clear direction but also act to carry the entire staff along on the quest to achieve set organisational goals and objectives.

The good news is that even as an employee who is down the hierarchy you can work on your leadership skills and grow. This will eventually show in your output and lead to growth in your career, a step up in your organisation and increase in salary.  It is no longer a new thing to see job descriptions asking  for “strong leadership skills” even for a non-managerial position so developing your leadership capability is of essence.

Below are ways to stay on top of your game and develop leadership qualities while not working in a leadership position.

 Improve Your Communication Skills

As earlier mentioned, communication skills is crucial to effective leadership so even as an employee you’ve got to develop good communication skills that will allow you communicate and interact with your team easily.  A person with strong communication skills can openly express ideas and thoughts without sparking any misunderstanding or conflicts. Most importantly, a person with good communication skills always convey their point of view easily, are excellent at negotiation and dousing pressure which are very essential attributes of leadership.

  1. Don’t shy away from more responsibility

A willingness to take on additional work goes to show that you’re willing to contribute more to the company and sstep up to higher management. Although no employee cherishes the idea of additional workload  It sets you apart from your and is a great way for you to expand your horizon, learn new skills and ultimately improve on your decision making and problem solving skills which are paramount for strategic leadership.

  1. .  Practice Self-Discipline

Even without being in a leadership role, self-discipline is an important ingredient for success, professionals and team members. A disciplined person ensures that their work is done with efficiency and time consciousness. Discipline allows you to be more effective and productive and as we all know, productivity never goes unnoticed in the work place.

Individuals that are disciplined have higher decision making skills and are better at and leading effectively.


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  1. Energize And Motivate Others

The ability to motivate and inspire those around you is a powerful leadership trait. It is common for your colleagues to encounter moments of lethargy and tension, which causes them to lose their creative flow and productivity. This is the moment you can offer valuable advice and elevate their mood. Positioning  yourself as someone who positively influences people can help you get to higher management faster because this is what leaders do.


Build Capacity. 

Individuals who streamline their focus only on doing the work they’re already good at are less likely to broaden their horizon and increase leadership capacity this is because practical experiences go a long way in horning leadership skills. Individuals who step into new situations that test other abilities continue to develop their skills and are more likely to take on higher levels of leadership responsibility.

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