How To Improve Critical Thinking

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The ability to think critically and bring up innovative ideas is an all-important skill that employers are always on the lookout for. After reading this article on how to improve critical thinking you will discover how to sieve through a problem, pick out the facts and come up with creative solutions.

Critical thinking skills goes beyond identifying false news and instead has more to do with making accurate and sustainable decisions. Impactful questions like should you go to college or drop out and start a company? Project management and so on have a wide range of ripple effects and in the work place and so decisions have to be analysed expertly.  Difficult and important questions like this are always coming up, being able to think critically about them and make the right call can be the difference maker in your career.

 How then do we improve our critical thinking ability? Read below the following crucial points


  1. Re-examine the decision in multiple ways


One way to avoid making mistakes in decision making is to examine the same problem in a lot of different perspective. Looking at the problem from various contexts helps you to understand the problem in its totality.

Even after a solution has been proffered , it is still advisable to view it from a background of different perspective to enable you see the advantages and demerits.  This however does not mean one should overthink things and get stuck in indecision. Learn how to examine a problem or solution from different sides.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Be Smarter and Know More

Another approach to improving critical thinking involves actually reading and knowing general principles of how the world works. More than anything else this entails been open minded to new information and experiences.

Reading wide, actively seeking new information, being open to experiences and actively seeking opportunities to learn and experience new things both within your work environment and personal life gives you an uncanny and well-rounded knowledge on how the world works. This allows you to make sound generalisations and strike out what is within the realm of possibilities and what is not. It’s proven that the more you know about things, the better you can reason about them and make intelligent decisions 

The key word in this approach is the need to be learning constantly, about all subjects, in order to make intelligent decisions.


Ask Clear Questions

Whenever you’re investigating a matter or trying to understanding a situation, make sure your questions are clear, relevant and with a scope. This means your questions should be specific and straight to the point.

Ask fundamental and relevant  questions and make sure you break questions down.

When brainstorming over a new problem, in work or life, you could start by asking the following:

  • What information about this problem do you already have?
  • How do you know the above information?
  • What is your goal and what are you trying to achieve at the end of the day?
  • What might you be overlooking?

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One final advice for improving critical thinking…pay attention to detail and always be focused when brainstorming.


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