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By Chimeremma Nwadialor

If you have always wanted to climb the ladder of your profession, at some point in your career I bet you’d surely seek a promotion.

Albeit, the essence of promotion for employees are more than one.

They include wider exposure, increase in pay, responsibilities, connections, influence, etcetera. The reasons abound but when you are asked, “why do you need a promotion?” your response primarily should be for the growth and development of the organisation you work for.

Most essentially in order to get promoted in your workplace, your superiors need to know that you are ready for the degree of responsibility that will follow your promotion.

Below are some ways one can get a promotion:


Every superior would never love less an employee who takes his or her job not as a hired worker(who would not care so much) but as though the success of the organisation or company is priority.

It is worthy of note that when you showcase concrete ownership of your work projects and ensure its complete success, you are proving yourself an important asset to the organisation.

By following through on various tasks, you’re simply proving that you love the job plus you will prove yourself worthwhile to your organisation as well.


Your superiors know that team players stand a very high chance to be promoted, this is because team players are good motivators and work excellently for the growth of the organisation.

Showcase team spirit not in a facade way but in its true sense. Being a team player means you are not selfish but that you put the organisation first. Truth is, getting a promotion isn’t about showing how perfect you are.

No one is perfect, but your good performance and that of your colleagues will profoundly show that  you are a great motivator and you have team spirit. 

Every employer love good team players, who knows your name might be written in your boss’ good books.


There is no need to promote a selfish worker who is hardly efficient enough to finish up his own assignments or even help his or her colleagues pick a pin in the workplace. One superb way to show your commitment to the organisation is by consistently getting your job done and also being available to help others achieve theirs as well.

This clearly depicts that you are tirelessly on the lookout for ways to propel your organisation to the top. It does not take a genius to recognize your diligence and proactive attitude towards the growth of the company. 


It is good that after you have shown your capacity, you must also express your desire for the promotion to your employer. For a long while you have winked in the dark, it’s high time you speak out. Chances are that your boss/bosses may not know you want it, so go ahead and let them know.

Here’s a tip – Time is to be highly considered when trying to make a request so you don’t make your request at the wrong time (and possibly get demoted).

Observe the mood of your boss, Once you have got an opportune time, let the lion out of the bag. Be sure to talk about your achievements in the workplace and what you can offer if your rank is raised. 


Sometimes no one can get the right time and even if you do, the result(s) might be unfavourable. When you ask for promotion and you don’t get it (even after showcasing your competence), don’t give up. Rather, give it some time and come back seeking feedback as to why you were not favoured.

It is possible that role you seek is not available, you don’t have the requirements in your file, etcetera. 


There is always room for improvement but you must know which room. Once you know, you have to put your hands and mind to work. If it means getting skilled up, furthering your education or garnering more diplomas, go ahead and do them.

If it means lack of experience – volunteer in your local community and do a few projects/assignments that are relatable to the role you are targeting. If it means learning a new language then learn ‘bonjour’ and ‘bon appetite’ this will show how serious you are. 

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