How To Get Information About A Company Before An Interview.

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As a job seeker the importance of carrying out research on the company before an interview can not be overemphasised. It is essential that you research the company before a job interview and have certain facts at your fingertips. Most interviewers find a way to ask certain questions aimed at finding out if you read up on the company or not.

Being able to answer these questions properly will ensure that you are seen as an individual who pays attention to detail.

People often do not understand the kind of information they need about the company when preparing for an interview or even know where to find these information.

In order to make it easier for you we have researched and compiled a quick list of very important information you need to know about  the company that has invited you for a job interview. This article will also show you how to research and where to search and find these information.

Here are things you should know about any organisation before you arrive for the interview.

Basic Company Information

Search the company name on Google. The company’s website is also a good place to start. Navigate to the “About Us” section where you will see a good description of the company, their history and the kind of work they do.

Also pay attention to the company’s mission and vision statement as it helps you get a feel of the company. Learn about the founders and leaders in the organisation.

The Job Position

You need to know everything about the job position you will be interviewing for as this will enable you to better express your skills and qualifications to rhyme with the job position. Here are some questions to ask yourself as you research:

  • What are the essential job requirements?
  • What are the qualifications?
  • Who will be your supervisor?

These questions will also help you know if you’re well suited for the job.

Recent News

You also need to be up to date on current news regarding the organisation. Most companies have a page on their website that lists press releases and events.

Knowing the last program or event that the company carried out and finding a way to share that information during the interview will show that you are knowledgeable about the company.

This will create an excellent impression and prove to the interviewer that you are passionate and committed to the  job. For example, check their social media pages and discuss how it gave you an insight on the company, or if the company launched a new product discuss your views on it and how you will contribute to its success.

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Industry and clients

You should also research the industry, challenges, clients and competitors of the company as this will help you understand your role and how can fit in to ensure maximum impact. Make sure you understand what the company does, the challenges they are facing and the clients/customers they are serving.

Always try to arrive early and look neat for your interviews as this creates a good impression and also boosts your confidence.

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