How To Find The Right Balance Between Work And Personal Life

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Most times work feels overwhelming and we all struggle to find the right balance between work and personal life. Most employees experience stress because they can’t find the line between their work life and personal life. Careers and jobs demands most of our time other times we may need to focus on other personal interests.

If you work hard then most likely work will definitely invade your personal life and maintaining work-life balance is no easy task.

This might be especially true if you work long hours. Technology and remote work has made it easier for work to steal into your time at home. Working from home has also blurred the traditional line between professional and personal boundaries.

The consequences of neglecting a work-life balance results in the following  

  • Fatigue. Tiredness reduces productivity and leaves you open to making more mistakes
  • Poor health. Stress can worsen symptoms related to many medical conditions and put you at risk of substance misuse.
  • Lost time with friends and loved ones. If you neglect the work-life balance you’re likely to miss important family events or milestones which will affect your relationship with your family.

To maintain the right work life balance follow the following guidelines.

  1. Set a routine : Creating and sticking to a routine helps you work efficiently and maximise your time. This allows you to stay ahead of your workload and so have more time off work.
  2. Have time off work : while creating your routine make sure to take time off for personal relaxation. One of the critical factors responsible for maintaining a work-life balance is sparing some time for yourself and family.
  3. Know your peaks and downtime: Knowing the time of day when you are most productive and planning your day to flow with it will not only help you stay more productive but give you a moral and positive boost which is essential for having a healthy work life balance.
  4. Keep a Schedule : Keeping a schedule helps you organise yourself and tasks. This allows you to plan your day and including time with friends and family
  5. Take holidays: always remember to take time off annually for a holiday with your family. This increases the family bond and we all know a happy home makes the best worker. Taking holidays also helps you stay refreshed and in touch with life.
  6. Take care of your health : your health is considered your number priority and you should take particular care of it by eating healthy meals, exercising as much as you can and staying off abusive substances. A healthy lifestyle helps you relieve stress, increases your energy level, improve your thinking capacity, boost your immune system, and make you a happier and total person.
  7. Leave work at work : make a mental and conscious effort to not carry over work to the home. When at home work issues should not steal into your personal time and vice versa, again scheduling and planning your day comes into play.

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