How To Find a Job

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Are you in the market for your first job or even searching for your hundredth? Then this article on How to find a job is just what you need to point you in the right direction so you can reach the promise land of your dream Job

Aside a professionally written CV and cover letter it’s also very vital to know where and how to get a job efficiently and effectively.

Well one good thing is the advent of modern communications technology (ICT) which not only provides more job hunting options but also job opportunities too.


To ensure your job search yields a job, you need to know how to look for jobs. Here are the 6 best ways to find that job you need


  1. Look online to find jobs

The Internet and ICT has granted access to a world of information. Instant communication and multimedia content has changed the way people do their jobs and find  new jobs.

The internet and social networks have also drastically changed the way people find jobs. To begin with, as well as the way employers look for new recruits.

Many of today’s modern job seekers use several online job boards  like  to find jobs.

According to global statistics job boards accounted for almost half of global job applications. With a reasonable number getting the jobs too.

So if you haven’t been using the internet and social media (Facebook jobs) to boost your job search. You might want to.

The best Job board to start with will be



  1. Network on LinkedIn to Find Jobs

LinkedIn is one of the best ways to network and find a job today.  Estimates show that over 90% of hiring managers and professionals rely on LinkedIn to search for talents and confirm candidates.

Make sure you stay active on LinkedIn, react to ads and reach out to colleagues and friends who may be able to refer you to an open position.

The tricky thing about LinkedIn is that you need professionals to optimise your LinkedIn profile for the best result. 

Get the best LinkedIn Optimization experts to tune up your LinkedIn profile for Half the price at 



  1. Contact hiring managers directly for jobs

Reaching out directly to a hiring manager at a company you want to work for can really boost your chances of finding a job quickly.

It shows the hiring manager that you have a genuine interest in working for the company which is always a plus.




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