How to Find a Job on LinkedIn.

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LinkedIn, currently is the world’s largest professional network and is also a huge social media platform used mostly for individual development and career advancement. LinkedIn utilizes network of colleagues, real-time database of job postings, networking events, tips, and professional development opportunities to connect employers to employees. With so many resources and the huge potentials that LinkedIn provides, it’s crucial you have the appropriate and correct information about how to use LinkedIn to its full potential and get yourself a job.

Follow the following tips to update your LinkedIn profile and get hired.

Update your Profile Pic.

Research have shown that LinkedIn profiles with good and professional  photos receive up to 21 times more profile views, nine more connection requests and up to 36 more messages. Make sure you update your profile picture.

 Update your summary section.

The “About” section at the top of your LinkedIn profile is actually the most viewed part of your LinkedIn page. This suggests that you need to make sure you update it regularly so that it represents it meets industry standards ,who you are and what you’re looking for. Remember to keep it under at 35 to 40 words.

Update Your List of Skills.

This is another area that hiring managers look at when viewing your LinkedIn page, so you have to promote it clearly enough to allow potential employers identify every skill you have that might make you a good fit.  You can use LinkedIn’s Skill Assessments tool to verify and show off your skill in order to qualify you for job opportunities. Keeping these and other section regularly updated is a sure way to get noticed by employers on LinkedIn.

 Customise Your Search to Your Exact Job requirement.

You can use the open search box to add key phrases like “remote” or “work-from-home” to find opportunities that meet your specific wants and needs. Set up Job Alerts so listings are sent to you in real time.

 Follow Relevant Pages of Companies You’d Like to Work.

The best way to stay up to speed regarding new openings and job opportunities at the place you aspire to work is by following,sharing and discussing on LinkedIn. this is the best way to be the first to hear about job opportunities. Follow the page and set up alerts, they’ll show up right in your news feed.

Keep your contact information up to date so employers find you.

It’s always important to share and keep your contact details up to date so others can easily contact you whether you are actively or passively job hunting or looking for employees. Make sure to use a working mail and phone number.

Highlight recent experience. 

If you are searching for a job using LinkedIn always highlight your recent experience  so that its evident to anyone who views your page, especially when your recent experience exposed you to skills relevant to the new job opening.

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