How to Deal with Work related Stress.

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When one is stressed over a period of time the adrenalin released by stress hormones cause a continued state of vigilance accompanied by destructive physiological consequences.

Stress automatically leads to increased heart rate, cardiovascular problems, difficulty in breathing and high blood pressure.

Employees who have worked for just a single week and those who have worked for hundreds of weeks understand in capital letters that work-related stress can have a major impact on health.

I have not seen a job that comes with out stress, nor have I seen a rose without thorns. Work pressure is common and it is almost impossible to find a stress-free job. A more realistic strategy is to deal effectively with it.

The following are strategic patterns to deal with work related stress.

Find the cause

The first step to solving problems is identification. One must recognize the causes of stress in the workplace. What lies under the carpet should be dug out. Colleagues, Bosses, home chores, a noisy neighbor, low salary, unspecific work requirements, clutters, traffic jam and we won’t forget to add, the weather.

Stop daydreaming

How come you achieve less in a day? Here is the simple answer – you set goals only angels can achieve and the last time I checked you were still human. Our goals should be be achievable and dealt with in chunks, not in bulk.

This strategy automatically reduces stress and grants opportunity for one to celebrate every step and not feel bad and guilty about nearly impossible targets. One known cause of burnout in the work place is the unclear requirements on employees.

If you do not know exactly what to expected from yourself, or your job requirements is constantly changing, nervousness will set in. If you discover that you are not sure of your job description (JD) or you feel you are not doing enough; talking to your boss will help.


Even if you are not one whose nature is so organised, this strategy will help, why not learn it. If your desk is cluttered with papers and files you will not attend to that day, take them off and arrange your desk.

You have to choose one, stress or less stress. Cluttered desks psychologically puts one in a state of disarray, hence organisation is key.

Breaks break stress

Taking regular breaks work like wands in the hands of professional wizards. After working for ninety to hundred minutes, take a break.

It could be a little one minute walk around or listening to one of your best podcasts or music. Blowing off some steam has never been a bad idea but helps the brain to relax a bit.

If you love your brain you would give it some air.

Steer clear of subtractions

Relate closely with colleagues who are supportive and want the best for you. Laugh and talk with such fellows, at least this will add value to your life and reduce stress.

Talking about the stress the work place showers on you all will soften the brunt. Also Stay away from conflict as they can potentially damage your physical and mental health.


Multitasking can be inefficient and ineffective for some people. Focus is the key to getting things done excellently.

Forget about multi-tasking and see it as a beautiful distraction, like a wolf in cat’s(I love cats) clothing. It can eat deep into time for our brains can only focus on one thing at a time. It is absurd to deceive oneself.

Eat, exercise and sleep well

Taking care of the body gets it set for work. It is advisable to eat well, exercise regularly and sleep well they keep the body fit and strong while improving physical and mental health.

The tremendous wealth in health cannot be overemphasised and this truth is old and known – Health is wealth.

If stress can lead to health deterioration then  good food, sleep and exercise improve health, are you.

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