How To Deal With Office Politics And Win.

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What comes to the mind of most employees when they hear the phrase “office politics”?  are gloomy images of backstabbing, spreading malicious rumors, and pleasing and serving  the “top ogas” , which is why most people hate the very idea of office politics ry to stay away from it as often as possible.

However these same people cannot deny that their co-workers who engage the organisational hierarchy seem to be ahead. Like it or not, office politics is a fact of any organization with enormous possibilities for you to promote yourself and your career without compromising ethical or legal values.

Don’t make the mistake of believing you can avoid office politics, For example you might be frozen out by your team because you submitted and got your work done quickly making them lo bad in the process or having to get the approval of senior co-workers when you want to control a project. For advancement of your career its important you learn how to navigate office politicking and In this article, we examine why workplace politics exist, and look at  ways to bend office to your advantage.

There are several reasons why employees engage in office politics. Usually the motivating factor for workplace politics is to achieve a targeted objective, promote their ideas and influence the organization to their advantage.

Politically-minded employees will definitely form alliances and negotiate in order to achieve their set goals either for themselves or for their group. Furthermore office politics helps employee to lobby their bosses for a promotion and also in bypassing the chain of command to get decisions or certain approvals for projects.

The following strategies will help you succeed  at office politics

  1. Be nice to everyone. The first rule of office politics is that you have to be nie to everyone. Being rude or selectively nice will only create friction and enemies for you. nice people build supportive relationships with other people. Be sincerely nice to everyone, not just the people you think can help you.
  2. Be a team player.A team player is someone who helps the team achieve its goals, and helps other people achieve their goals. Make sure you are as supportive as you can be. Offer your help to as many as you can and always do your part of any group work assigned.
  3. Be a problem solver.Develop a reputation for being a problem solver. Don’t always complain and point out problems without having a suggestion for possible solution. Building a reputation as a problem solver gives you an advantage you can use to lobby your boss and even co-worker for favours and decisions.
  4. Be visible.You can’t win office politics by hiding. You must be involved and others need to perceive you as a valuable contributor at work. Always get involved in solving important and highly visible problems at work. Speak up and take credit for your work, if you have a brilliant idea do not hesitate to speak up at team meetings. You not only have to do good work; others must give you credit for your good work and perceive you as a good worker.
  5. Be loyal.Avoid gossiping and backstabbing. Coworkers will support you if they believe that you will be there to support them.
  6. Be good at what you do.Develop your expertise and competence. Be professional, courteous and knowledgeable. Keep to time and work hard If others perceive you as a slacker they will not suppoou will likely lose political goodwill and support.

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