How to Deal with a Difficult Boss in the Workplace

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Dave called in on Friday telling me that he has got the job he had tirelessly applied for years, and on Monday he would resume. He called in again but this time his voice was low and one could easily sense brokenness in every word he spoke. I didn’t understand his lamentations at first but what hit me particularly was when he said “Don’t be shocked if I resign”. “Dave what what will make you do that? I pushed. He replied “the pay is palatable but my boss is unbearable”.

The situation of Dave reflects what most of us pass through at work. This article will proffer a few tips on how to handle or deal with a difficult boss at work.

Here are six tips to deal with a difficult Boss at work.

1 Communicate with your boss

Professional relationships are built on communication as the foundation. If you really want to improve your relationship with your boss which in the short run would benefit you then do not wait for things to get out of hands, rather take the bull by the teeth.

Do this by scheduling a good time with your boss and wisely talk things through professionally. Let your boss choose a favorable time. When you meet make eye contact, choose your words wisely and let your boss be aware that you want the best for the organisation.

2 Cooperate with your boss, don’t fight

 Do you wish to keep your job and set yourself on a pedestal for more opportunities? If yes, I am sure you do not want to be known as a stubborn employee but as a team player.

You should work with your boss to improve the health of your company, not against your boss. Working against your boss will not do any good for your relationship with him or your career  in the long run. It would also send a negative signal to the other authorities plus you will not feel better.

Not cooperating will worsen your relationship with your boss, make it harder for you to do your job, and make you unproductive.

3 Composure is essential

one thing you must do is – never get too excited when talking with your boss. Although your boss may be emotional, you have to maintain your demeanor of Professionalism.

This will count positively for you later. If you are composed, it is a sign that you can maintain your sanity no matter the pressure. If you lose your composure, your boss might not hold you in high regards, this is because he senses that you are not a firm fellow but rather move with the wind.

If you fall into the temptation of being too excited or upset as the case may be, calm down, wisely apologize and ask to resume the conversation or topic another time.

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4  Stay professional

A lot of employees don’t draw boundaries, not do they know the difference between a boss and a ‘pal’. Think twice before you speak and be careful not to overstep your limits and bounds.

You might know more than your boss, but don’t go over your boss’s head rather make your suggestions and submit to your boss.

 5 Proactiveness is a good ingredient

One sure way of making your boss to be less bossy is by being on time, dutiful and devoted. This is because when he or she discovers an invaluable employee in you, your boss will have only the option of doing all it takes to keep you in the organisation.

No sensible leader who has an ounce of love for growth and excellence will let gold slip away just like that.

  1. Scout for another job: For employees like my friend Dave who apply these tips and more but still hurt psychologically, the last resort is to leave the injury inflicting space, thus either applying and joining another department or moving to a new job altogether.

It is difficult to secure another job, but you have to choose between your health and happiness or undiluted frustration.

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