HowTo Be Successful Like Google

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Company leaders and Entrepreneurs all over the world always want to increase productivity, improve work place culture and scale profitability, indeed even in our personal life we frequently seek out new ways to improve.

work place culture and how to be successful like google

Google understands this, its performance as a company has continued to defy the traditional boundaries of business and innovation.

When Google started implementing its work place culture, it was severely criticised but gradually in the face of the unprecedented progress, innovation and creativity that Google is heralding it’s clear that whatever workplace policies that Google has in place is working and working well.

Google has always made it clear that people are its main resource. It’s workforce of over 88,000 people as of December 2017 demonstrates this.

We are going to be running through Five key lessons we can learn from Google and if religiously followed is guaranteed to scale your business…you never know you might be the next Google!

  1. Google employees work as a team

Google makes sure that their employees are harmonised to create a sense of brotherhood and family in the work place.

Whether they are working from home or at the office Google employees all work as one team to accomplish set objectives. The work environment is configured to create a sense of team spirit which in the long run gingers employees to bring out their best through creativity and innovation.

No doubt, the Google culture of team work and helping each other to achieve set aims is one of those things that make Google a leading brand, Larry Page Co-founder of Google describes the culture and its efficiency this way: “It’s important that the company be a family, that people feel that they’re part of the company and that the company is like a family to them. When you treat people that way, you get better productivity.”

  1. Google has an Amazing work place culture

work place culture and google's huge success

From investing heavily in employee morale to unparalleled culture of work-life balance, including awesome parental-leave policies, free healthy gourmet meals, fitness and laundry facilities, Google’s unconventional fun workplace culture has helped the company blaze the trail in tech and the search engine business.

Google’s former HR Boss, Laszlo Bock revealed that Google offices are always in a constant mix of fun, activity, innovation and experiment which helps to stimulate creativeness in employees

  1. It’s best to do one thing really well

Google specializes in search engine and has become so good at it that they are the world top most and largest search engine. With one of the world’s largest research groups focused exclusively on solving search problems, they know what they do well, and how they could do it better.

Google has proven that sticking to one area of expertise and continuous professional improvement will definitely highlight your business more than being a jack of all trades will.

  1. Always be flexible

Since 1996 when the idea for Google first emerged in Larry Page mind other companies have been attempting to replicate what Google had created, other search engines emerged but none has gained the global success and market that Google has. Why? Simply because although Google is a very big company they are extremely flexible and adapt very quickly to changing situations, market demand and user needs.

They pride themselves on always innovating and are constantly updating. A trap many businesses fall in to as they grow larger they become inflexible and hostile to change.

  1. Hire smart people

Recruiting good talent is one of the cornerstones of Google’s success, they not only hire on educational merit basis but rather consider skillset, practicality and ability to learn.

They have full-time recruiters who look for talent with an agile on boarding process. Their idea is to hire people who are smarter than themselves. They realise that by doing this, they are creating an environment of healthy competition and a chance for everyone involved to get better at their work. Having smart people work for you will most likely fetch you creativity, innovation and help your business thrive just like it helped Google.

For more insights on how to hire the best talents out there click here.

Going through these lessons learnt from the Google experience it is obvious that the main driver of boosting productivity and profitability is creating an awesome workplace culture that is anchored on employee welfare and motivation. to see more on Google’s work place culture click here.

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