How To Avoid Hiring The Wrong Person.

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Hiring a new employee for a position in your organisation could be quite stressful and time consuming especially if you’re looking to avoid hiring the wrong person and getting value for your money. Knowing how to navigate and truly understand the candidate’s work style, attitude, ethics, skills and personality from interview sessions is critical if you’re to avoid employing the wrong candidate.

Most likely all the candidates and potential employee you will be interviewing will be on their best behavior in order to impress you and get the job. This makes it difficult for you to truly judge their work commitment as job seekers will always give you the answers you want to hear.

Hiring the wrong person can result in lost productivity for your organisation and expenses in hiring, recruiting, and training replacements. This is why hiring for a position should never be done in a hurry or spontaneously. Also you should have a standardised hiring process that allows you to properly screen candidates before making a hiring decision.

Setting clear job expectations during the hiring process and writing clear and specific job description can discourage potential bad candidates from applying for the position thereby helping you avoid hiring the wrong person.  

A bad hire can cost your business money, lost productivity and might damage your reputation and relationship with your clientele in ways you did not even think of.

Before hiring that candidate make sure you follow these rules.

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Check References 

Make sure you confirm that the candidate you are about to hire are who they say they ar, checking in with their references will give you an insight into their skill set, behavioural pattern and any other detail the CV and application letter might have missed.

Ask Open Ended Questions

During the interview make sure you ask open ended question that will allow the candidate express him/herself. Open ended questions  gives applicants the opportunity to talk about and reveal themselves, from these answers you can easily judge if the candidate is a good fit for the position or the wrong person for the role. Its best to prepare in depth interview questions before hand.

Don’t Rely on the Interview alone
Don’t just hire base on the strength of interview performance. Consider other important factors such as work experience, accomplishments, references, and skills the candidate possesses, as well as traits such as creativity and potential for growth. These are factors that determine success in any role.

Inability To Follow Directions

When you write your job opening, it should be accompanied by directions on how to apply and may be further directions for a job interview. If a candidate disregards the directions it could be a red flag  indicating that the candidate is the wrong one for the job.

Finally when a candidate only talks about pay and benefits, it should signal to you. Remember finding a candidate who is passionate about the job and the company will be a win for you.

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