How to Apply for Jobs Online and get Hired

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In today’s world the online space is like a market place where everything is traded, several jobs and employment opportunities are found online provided you know where to look.

These days most organizations and small businesses are taking their business online, every single aspect of their business, from operations, to sales and marketing, and even recruitments.

The digital era has made it easy to search and apply for jobs with little or no hassle from the comfort of your bedroom with a digital device such as a mobile phone  or personal computer.

Organizations and businesses now look for employees online because it is cost effective strategy and a faster way of getting job information to many eyes in the shortest time possible. They use websites such as Paruto Jobs LinkedIN and Facebook as many people are more familiar with them.

However not every job seeker has the ability to surf the internet for these jobs and employment opportunities. Knowing how to search and apply for jobs online is a skillset that is not readily available to all.

This article is going to show you actionable steps that you should take to land you your first job online.


  1. Normalize using the internet

If you don’t use it you won’t see it. You can only grab opportunities from a system that pay attention to.

To stand a chance of grabbing one of the numerous job offers online, you must normalize being online and always checking websites like , LinkedIN etc. make sure you always subscribe to their newsletter and turn on their notifications so you can always be the first to kniw when a new job is posted.

  1. Have a Professional CV

Knowing that there is a job opportunity is only the first step, you need a professionally written CV and cover letter that will impress the recruiter and get you an interview. You can choose to write your CV yourself if you know the steps, you can also read more articles here on how to format your CV to attract job interviews but it is always advisable to have professional CV writers create a CV for you that will stand out and be impressive.

Many other job seekers will be applying for that same job, make sure you have a professional CV in order to compete.

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  1. Follow Job Application guidelines

When employers post hiring opportunities online they also post instructions and guidelines on how job seekers should apply. It is to your advantage if you follow these guidelines carefully. First if you don’t pay attention to these rules your application may not even be considered at all.

Employers pay keen attention to instructions and if you do not follow simple application instructions it gives hiring managers the impression that you’re someone who do not pay attention to details. No employer wants to hire someone who does not pay attention to details, so make sure you follow job application guidelines when applying for jobs online.


  1. Use social media to enlarge your search.

Organizations, companies and businesses also use their various social media pages to make know job openings. Make use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIN to follow and be updated with job openings

Facebook has a Job page where you can check new job opening by various companies. The internet and social media is home to any and every digital driven organizations and to easily access their offers, you must access their social media handles, this will make it easier for you to save time and resources while surfing for your dream jobs.

I will advise you use the google search engine and every other search functions on social media handles like twitter, facebook, Instagram etc.


  1. Use Google Alerts to search.

Google alerts are another way to search for jobs online. You can set a google alert tied to your gmail and you will get daily alerts on new jobs posted on google. Search for Google job alerts online and proceed to set it

Use key words that is relevant to the job you want when searching for and setting Google alerts for example Social media manager job, school teacher, Nursing job Etc.

With this simple strategy, Google will deliver to you the exact link/links to apply for your dream job and this will save you loads of efforts and resources.

With these basic strategies, you are 99% sure of getting that dream job. The remaining 1% is hinged on your ability to act and execute what you have learnt.

I am rooting for you as I look forward to seeing your testimonials.


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