How to Answer The “Why Should We Hire You” Interview Question

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Why should we hire you?  This is one of the most widely asked questions at interviews. If you’re ever going for an interview and you did not read up on how to answer the why should we hire you question you’re putting yourself at risk.

If you fail to answer the why should we hire you question convincingly enough then you’ve had lost the opportunity to land that job.

This Is because no employer or HR Manager will want to hire someone who can’t solidly convince them of why he/she should be hired.

It shows lack of desirable skills and general unemployability.

Every job seeker should be able to give concrete and relevant reasons why anyone should hire him.

This is arguably the most important question in an interview.  So, how do you answer this very important interview question correctly?


Don’t worry, this article got you covered.


This interview hiring question guide will show you:


Why employers ask this all important interview question.

How to answer why should I hire you in a way that will satisfy the employer.



Why do employers ask why should we hire you?


When a hiring manager asks why should I hire you?,  what they really want to know is why are you the best person for this job? What do you have that other candidates don’t have?


Employers want to make sure you know the demands of the jobs and that you can deliver.

They already feel you’re qualified enough that’s why they’re inviting you for a face-to-face interview.

Organisations  want to make sure you understand what they do and that you can actually fit in.

 You must use your interview to get your employer to see that you are the one who will best fit.


How to answer the Why should I hire you question

When answering the why should we hire you question, make sure your answer reflects the following

Show that you have skills and experience to do the job.

 Make sure to lay emphasis on your key skills, strengths, talents, work experience, and professional achievements that are related and relevant to the position you’re applying to. Explain how you have the necessary skills they are looking for.

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