How To Answer The Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years Time

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How to answer the where do you see yourself in five years interview question.

  • what recruiters want to know when they ask this  question
  • why recruiters asks this question
  • how to answer this interview question 

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The where do you see yourself in 5 years is a frequent interview question that usually takes job seekers unawares and put them in an anxious state all in a bid to answer this interview question correctly.

When faced with the where do you see yourself in 5 years interview question most prospective employees find themselves struggling between confusion, being honest and simply saying I don’t know which of course is the worst possible answer to this question.

Among other things this article piece will teach you

  • Why interviewers ask this question.
  • How to adequately answer the question


Why recruiters ask the where do you see yourself in 5 years question.

When an interviewer asks you “Where do you see yourself in five years?”  he/she is interested in seeing the connection between your future career plan and that of the organisation.

It also helps the hiring manager to determine whether you’re likely to have a long tenure at their company or not based on your answer.

Interviewers want to know one thing when they ask this question, which is in the long run  do your goals align well with the position you’re been interviewed for?  Does this job fits with your overall career plans?

If you incorporate this into your answer, then you’ve nailed it 100 percent!


How to answer this question professionally

Preparing for this interview question has the added advantage of helping you figure out and get more purposeful about the direction of your career and really know what you actually want to be doing in five years.

To adequately answer this question in a way that will be satisfactory to the interviewer its best to discuss

  • Your interest in the job in connection to your career goals

It is always advisable to lay emphasis on your interest in the job, how you plan to put in your best and how the results you aim to achieve on the job will help your professional and expert development. Emphasising your interest in the job assures the hiring manager that you plan to stay a while on the job.

Creating a clear path into your answer about how the job requirements intermarries with your career goals will eliminate any concerns about how long you’ll want to stay in the job.

  • discuss the opportunities the role provides

Crafting your answer to reflect the numerous opportunities the job will provide you is also key to professionally answer the where do you see yourself in five year time question.

Make sure to show a natural progression between your success in the job and the achievement of your long term goals.

Finally when answering this question show how the job role will help your professional development in the coming years.

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