How To Answer The “Tell me about yourself” Question

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How to answer tell me about yourself interview question is actually a very technical interview question.

I’m sure you’ve been asked that question a couple of times and found it quite difficult to really answer that question and the reason behind it

An old but relevant saying goes thus: You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

 This is even truer in an interview situation, you get only one chance to create an outstanding first impression.

And if you miss that one chance to create a rapport and convince the interviewer of your professionalism and capabilities, then the odds of you landing that job is slim.

 If you fail to convincingly and professionally answer the Tell me about yourself interview question then your entire job interview could automatically suffer a huge setback downhill from there which nobody will want.

This article is out to show you what this question is really about and the best way to answer it.

We will walk you through an already tested formula for structuring your answer.

This includes how to make your answer relevant to the position you’re pursuing and learning the reason why interviewers ask the ‘tell me about yourself’ question.




There’s always a reason behind each and every question the interviewer asks you.

And if you are able to discover what the reason is, you’re more than likely to answer the question in a way that will impress the recruiter.

So Why do interviewers ask the question Tell us about yourself?


Firstly Recruiters only know you from what you put on your resume and cover letter so they want to get to know you better.

In a  “ professionally “ sense  not ” personally ”.

Aside from getting to know you professionally recruiters ask this question to also smoothly start the interview without stressing you out and set the general tone and direction for the entire interview.






Are you confident and calm while you’re speaking?

Do you maintain eye contact?

Are you a good communicator?

Can you establish rapport?

Is your answer relevant to the position and skillset needed?

These are the things the interview will look out for as you attempt to answer the question.

Your answer could also determine what questions come next. If you impress the interviewer the rest  your entire job interview could end in you getting the job.

When structuring your answer be sure to consider these very important points.


  • Start with an important strength the hiring manager is looking for.


  • Say how that skill or quality helped your former employer.


  • Make sure you give metrics to show your real-life impact.


Make sure to weave your answer around this points and you would have professionally answered the tell me about yourself interview question.

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