How To Add Value To Your Employer and the Organisation.

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Whether you are seeking career advancement, an increase in salary or a full time position in that organisation, being an employee that adds value will certainly set you apart and ensure that you are easily recognised.

Employees who know how to add value to their employers and organisation are usually rewarded with higher salaries, and better career opportunities.

Employers value employees who have the mindset of going the extra mile to add more value to their organisation.  By always going beyond your  job description to do more and making the extra effort to make your work near perfect, not only are you displaying a strong sense of commitment to the job and organisation as a whole, but it also holds you in the good books of your employers when it comes to promotions.

Here are different reasons why you should bet adding value to your employer:

Be a problem solver

Employees who not only report problems but also find creative solutions to these problems are seen as value adding individuals. An example of this might be finding a solution to meet a deadline earlier than expected.

Always Show initiative

As an employee, being able to personally pick up tasks without being asked is a trait that many employers value. Showing initiative to start up projects or rectify an abnormally in the office will not increase your standing with your employers but also improve your experience and skills.

  1. Improve Productivity

If you are able to develop ways of continuously improving productivity in the work place through efficiency, no employer will want to let you go because you’re constantly adding value above and beyond your job description. Always thrive to improve your output and work performance as this is valuable to employers.

Professional Development

Employers are always on the look-out for skilled professionals with current skills therefore as an employee who seeks to add more value to his/her organisation you should constantly keep up to date with relevant professional courses. Stay ahead of new information by taking online professional courses in order to keep your skills current. Paruto Institute offers FREE Professional courses for your Professional development, click Here.

Improve your communication skills

Communication and team work cannot be overemphasised. As a valuable employee, you should develop excellent communication and team work skills as this will not only serve to increase your productivity but also keep you in good terms with your employer and team mates.

Become an Expert

Being an expert in a task can increase your productivity and contribution to the company.  Being an expert automatically means you become a consultant and your contribution will no longer be limited to your specific job but also help your teammates achieve their. This is a sure way to add maximum value to your employer and get recognised for it.

It always advisable that you assess your work regularly to acertain whether you are living up to expectations and find ways of improving your productivity. Set goals and track your work to make sure you achieve these goals. Being a employee that adds value and increase productivity means you will certainly be rewarded with promotions and salary increment.


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