Erasmus Mundus EMLex Master in Lexicography Scholarship in Europe 2019

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The new Erasmus Mundus European Master in Lexicography (EMLex) is now available for all new international students for the 2019/2020 academic year.

The Erasmus Mundus EMLex offers an excellent international programme of study which is globally unique and highly attractive due to various activities.

During the two-year programme, students will spend the second semester together with all the other students at one university, which changes every year. On request, it is possible to study at a third university of the EMLex consortium in the third semester. In the 1st and 4thsemester studies take place at the so-called home university. Erasmus Mundus applicants have the opportunity to name their preferred choices for their home university; the selection committee distributes the applicants equally to the partner universities. Self-paying students (those who do not hold a scholarship) are guaranteed a place at their university of first choice.

The Erasmus Mundus programme is fee-based, i.e. students have to pay participation costs to the EMLex consortium for each semester. In return, the consortium pays for costs arising in the course of the studies, for example tuition and administration fees, health insurance, library fees, etc. In addition, it organizes a supporting programme. All students have to sign a Student Agreement before the beginning of their studies.

Worth of Award

  • MLex provides 15 scholarships for the intake of 2019/20.
  • Depending on the home university, courses will start either in September or October 2019. 75% of the scholarships are given to partner country students;
  • 25% are given to programme country students.

The scholarship includes

  • contribution to subsistence costs: 1,000 € per month for the entire duration of the EMLex study programme (24 months maximum)
  • contribution to travel and installation costs:
    • for scholarship holders resident in a programme country: 1,000 € per year for travel costs
    • for scholarship holders resident in a partner country whose location is situated at less than 4,000 km from the coordinating institution (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg): 2,000 € per year for travel costs + 1,000 € for installation costs
    • for scholarship holders resident in a partner country whose location is situated at 4,000 km or more from the coordinating institution (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg): 3,000 € per year for travel costs + 1,000 € for installation costs
  • The scholarship also includes participation costs for the EMJMD-EMLex (see point 2 for details). These participation costs cover all additional costs which occur during your studies. They particularly include tuition fees, health insurance, library costs, administrative costs, cultural events.


Applicants must have a Higher Educational Institution (HEI) degree in the area of

  • (Computational/Applied) Linguistics
  • (Foreign) Languages
  • Translation
  • Communication/Media
  • Book Studies / Library and Information Science
  • or other relevant disciplines, subject to the consent of and the approval by the Consortium’s admission committee.

If your HEI degree is still in progress, you may nevertheless submit an application. The restriction, in this case, will be that the HEI degree certificate is available before the start of the EMLex study course.

How to Apply

  • Fill out the application form on the computer and sign it by hand.
  • Send the application form together with the following documents to [email protected]
  • Pay attention to the following requirements:
  • All documents have to be in PDF format.
  • The file should not exceed 4 MB (if so you might have to zip the files).
  • The documents have to be in the following order:

(1) application form

(2) motivation letter (2 pages max., in English or German). In the letter you should respond to the following aspects:

(a) Explain the reasons why you wish to study the EMLex Master Programme, express your expectations and your own contribution. In addition, you should state what you plan to do with the EMLex master degree.

(b) Report your experiences with scientific or practical lexicography that you have already made and why you have an interest in lexicography.

(c) Explain your choice of the preferred home university (while your preferences will be taken into account as far as possible, the final assignment will be made to best fit your study needs).

(d) Answer the following question: Which lexicographic project would you like to realize in your home country if you had the chance to do so?

         (3) certificate of HEI degree

                 (4) a transcript of academic records

                 (5) language certificates 

                 (6) a copy of your identity document

Deadline: applications close 1 March 2019.

Click here for more details and to apply

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