Munich Intellectual Property Law Center(MIPLC) invites applications for the DAAD Scholarship for Students from Developing Countries in Germany 2019.

The Munich Intellectual Property Law Centre, MIPLC, is a part of the DAAD’s program of “Development-Related Postgraduate Courses.” If you would like to apply for the scholarship offered in this context, please note that several special conditions apply. Please read the information provided here very carefully.

Worth of Award

  • The scholarship recipients will be granted a full waiver of the MIPLC tuition and participation fee.
  • In addition, the DAAD will pay the scholarship recipients a monthly stipend of EUR 850.
  • As a rule, the scholarship also includes certain payments towards health, accident, and liability insurance coverage in Germany.
  • Furthermore, the DAAD will generally pay an appropriate travel allowance, unless these costs are covered by the home country or by another funding source.
  • The DAAD will also pay a study and research allowance. Last but not least, the scholarship covers a mandatory two-month German course before the start of the program.
  • The scholarship does not cover additional costs, e.g. your enrollment fees or the fees for a semester ticket for public transport in Munich.


You are eligible for the DAAD scholarship for “Development-Related Postgraduate Courses” if you fulfill the following formal requirements:

  • You hold at least a four-year Bachelor’s degree (or a three-year Bachelor’s degree plus a further degree), completed with above-average results (top 30%).
  • You received your latest degree no more than six years before your scholarship application.
  • You have at least two years of full-time professional experience gained in a public authority or a state or private company in a developing country (university staff and academics are generally not taken into account).
  • To meet this requirement, it is sufficient if you have completed the two years by the time the program starts in October. In any case, the experience must have been gained after the completion of your first university degree.
  • You meet the English language requirements of the MIPLC.

These criteria are applied very strictly. If you do not fulfill them, you will not be considered for the DAAD scholarship. However, you are still welcome to apply for admission to the MIPLC, provided you fulfill the MIPLC admission criteria.

How to Apply

To apply for this scholarship, please proceed as follows:

  • To fill in the application form, please use the online application system,
  • You have to complete the application form in one session, as it is not possible to save your data and return later to finish the process.
  • Please make sure to select the correct academic year. When the year you want to apply for is not available in the drop-down list, either the application period is not yet open or the deadline has already expired (cf. chapter 3).
  • When entering any text into the form, please commence words with upper-case letters, where appropriate, and continue with lower-case letters, as you would when typing a typical text.
  • Please do not use capital letters or lower-case letters exclusively. They make your information very difficult to read and process.
  • Generate a PDF document of your application form that you can download and/or
    send to your e-mail address.


Deadline: Application closes on October 15, 2019.

Click here for more details and to apply