Careers To Start With Instead Of A Real Job

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Many people feel exhausted and compressed in their current career and find that it’s not living up to their expectations. They want to discover new paths but are not sure how to start. They must consider other careers to start with instead of a real job. In recent years, to pursue a new career and become a freelancer is getting highly prominent and more people are choosing this approach.

If you have the right mindset and tool, working freelance has immense growth and helps you to become an entrepreneur. In this article, we will discuss a list of 10 careers that are high paying and more trending, which you may consider instead of a real job.

1. Translator

Translation requires an individual to precisely transfer the essence of words from one language to another. To become a good translator, there are a few qualities which you must possess. You must be fluent in English, and another language is the essential requirement. Formal training in translating will be an added benefit to hone your skills. Translators provide freelance services to legal firms and publishers, which include writing letter, articles, blogs, and reports.

2. Private Tutor

In private tuition, one-on-one educational service is provided to elementary, secondary or higher secondary students. Your responsibilities include reviewing course books with them, illustrating the methods to solve problems and monitoring homework and assignments.

It requires assisting students in developing skills to study better and organizing procedures to enhance academic results. You will find a lot of students and parents looking for services of a private tutor and paying in hourly or per subject basis as their requirement.

3. Data-Entry Operators

Their key responsibilities include entering data into different databases; maintain adequate record-keeping and organizing files. They need to collect and maintain reports and documents of valuable company information.

With the expansion of IT companies, they are always in search of people who can provide services to them. If your typing and computer skills are proficient, have knowledge of relevant software packages and possess the administrative and organizational expertise, then this job is ideal for you.

4. Marketing Consultant

He/she works as an independent consultant to provide marketing services for clients who they search on their own. They keep records of sales, provide feedback and modify marketing methods as required. These consultants track practices to assist each client in analyzing the performance of their business.

If you plan to be a marketing consultant, you may choose from different areas of marketing like online marketing, social media marketing or direct response marketing.

5. Internet Security Specialist

Internet security specialist (ISS), often known as an information security analyst, is responsible for establishing the safety of a company’s data by monitoring their computers. They protect their network systems and secure it against cyber-attacks.

Their services are in high demand by technology companies to plan and implement security measures. “ISS must be up-to-date on the advanced intelligence and hacker’s techniques to be prepared cyber-attacks,” says, Nicole David, Application Security Officer at Crowd Writer.

6. Web Developer

They are responsible for the coding and designing a website as per clients’ requirements. They require skillset of certain level including graphic design and computer programing. They also write programs in various computer languages such as HTML, CSS, etc. 

According to Upwork statistics report, Web development is one of the top in-demand skillsets. There is a high demand for web developers out there. If you have the required skills, you may find work quickly in companies working for specific projects.

7. Graphic Designer

A graphic designer has to prepare work to be attained by collecting information and materials. They illustrate ideas by designing layouts of art and copy according to arrangement, size and style related to concepts.

Graphic designers have higher demand these days. Icon design, logo design and illustration can pay good amount too. To become an expert graphic designer, you need to develop the designing skills to earn good amount working as a freelancer.

8. Photographer

A photography job may have different modes as they can work freelance or start their studio. They can seek their career by choosing to work in a specific kind of photography. They can opt for commercial photography, wedding photography, photojournalism, thus the possibilities are infinite.

Photographers have a talent for taking good photos. If you believe you have this natural ability, then go ahead and work hard for your new career.

9. Video Editing

The responsibility of such guy is Editing, more editing and only editing.

To be precise, they are generally responsible for editing and gathering recorded material into an applicable, flawless output that can be broadcast. The content may vary from camera recordings, sound recordings, graphics, dialogues or special effects.

Their services are highly sought in the movie/drama industry and media production houses.

10. Voice Actor

A voice actor manages his voice by pleasing in voice practice. It requires practicing accents and tones to become expert of voice versatility. A voice actor has to offer diversity in voice expertise.

If you think you have such voice and have such variances, then voice acting will be a fruitful career for you. You can offer services to video games developers, audiobooks producers or media advertisements.


In respect of extended professional achievements, choosing a new career path instead of a real job is a crucial decision. An individual should be considering the benefits of continuous professional development so that grand success can be achieved. If you adopt this path, you will have the liberty in selecting career of your interest, working from home and seeking a healthy balance of work and life.

Author Bio:

Stella Lincoln is currently working as a Project Leader and Marketing Strategist at Academist Help. Besides, she holds a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. Stella is also a career advisor and writes a popular career blog at a renowned newspaper. She likes to travel around and interact with different people.

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