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By Chimeremma Nwadialor

Today, Managers are in high demand and this is because a manager is a person in a prominent position, and endowed with certain powers to make decisions in some of the company’s activities. These decisions make or mar the company’s growth.

One can simply put – Managers organize specific works, head the company or a department and are administrators who organize work. A professional who wants to achieve some degree of success in this area should know the most important qualities a manager should possess.

The following are 6 most important qualities of a good manager.

  1. PERSEVERANCE: one quality for this position is resilience. A person with this quality can easily cope with any stressful situation and will be able to quickly recover from ugly ones. To build a successful career as a manager, one must possess fortitude. Challenges will surely come, thus a manager who does not have a strong will and resilience will fall off the train and drag his or her company or department along. 
  2. DETERMINATION: Without the trait of ambition or sense of purpose there is a high probability that the manager will not be able to set and attain great professional heights. This quality enables the manager to complete the started business and always achieve the set goal.

  3. EMPATHY: This means the ability of a manager to be able to adequately access situations and the ability to put oneself in the place of another person. Being considerate of others’ opinions and approaches enhances cooperation. This ability quickly helps the manager to be able to find the right decisions and allows you to predict the actions of another employee.

4. MASTERY IN COMMUNICATION: one key to having the ability to work with people and, with their help, successfully solve assigned tasks is communication. It is the communicative qualities that are decisive for the prosperity of the company. As a rule, communication skills come with time, but this skill requires constant improvement and is so necessary for company growth and development.

5. OPENNESS TO LEARNING: Often, a person’s openness is understood as Humility and frankness. the openness of a manager as a desire doesn’t harm one and brings benefits to others and the company writ large.

Learning ability is enhanced via this good quality and is closely related to the ability to set adequate goals and achieve them, this is because employees are free to make contributions and opine honestly. A manager capable of learning happily analyses and welcomes the new absorbs and begins to apply it. Point to note – one’s ability to learn does not decrease over the years, it just changes the approach and learning process.

  1. CONVICTION:Conviction in what you do is all you need to keep moving and equally move mountains.If there is concrete faith in the heart, then it begins to give pleasure and possible failure turns into surmountable challenges, which with focus and diligence will be followed by success.

The infusion of conviction into one’s work allows one to accelerate and come to the intended result faster.on the other hand the trajectory of a person who has little or no conviction can be likened to a person who takes a step forward and five steps backwards.

We have looked at a few qualities a manager should have and how they can directly affect success .

Truly, only you can check and water your qualities and I believe that such conscious work will change your life as a manager and that of your company for the best. Remember that the greatest value lies within us. And everything else is just tools that help to achieve the planned result faster.

The Impact of a Manager’s efficiency and capacity on a company’s success cannot be overemphasised. These qualities provide excellence, now you know, it is time to go.

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