15 + Cambridge Trust Scholarships for Nigerians & Other Africans

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Awards for Nigeria

Amy Li Cambridge Scholarship

Boustany Cambridge Pembroke Scholarship in Philosophy

Boustany Scholarship in Astronomy

Cambridge Africa Scholarship

Cambridge Cancer Centre PhD Studentship

Cambridge International Scholarship

Cambridge Schröder Scholarship in German Studies

Cambridge Toshiba Japan and the World Graduate Scholarship

Cambridge Trust Scholarship (postgraduate)

Cambridge Trust Scholarship (undergraduate)

Charter Cambridge International Scholarship

Chevening/Cambridge Scholarship

Churchill Jafar Studentship

Churchill Pfizer Studentship

Churchill Pochobradsky Studentship

Commonwealth (Cambridge) Scholarship

Commonwealth Shared Cambridge Scholarship

Duke of Edinburgh Cambridge International Scholarship

Gulbenkian Yuval Cambridge Studentship at Churchill College

Hamilton Cambridge International Scholarship

Hughes Hall Cambridge International Scholarship

IDB Cambridge International Scholarship

LEGO Cambridge Scholarship

LMB Cambridge Scholarship

OCC Nigeria Cambridge Scholarship

Queens’ College John Lawrence Scholarship

Queens’ College Stephen Thomas Studentship

Rowan Williams Cambridge Studentship

Santander Cambridge Scholarship

Schlumberger Cambridge International Scholarship

Smuts Cambridge Scholarship

Snowdon Cambridge Scholarship

Wellcome Cambridge Trust Scholarship

Wellcome Trust Oncology PhD Studentship

Woolf Institute Cambridge Scholarship

Yousef Jameel Scholarship

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